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Published on Friday, March 31, 2017 by

This month’s photo challenge subject is four because the A ‘lil HooHaa Photo Blogging Challenge has turned four!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures.  I’ll look forward to visiting everyone’s sites on Saturday as I will be traveling Friday night.


A horseshoe crab and four mermaid’s purses.  Yes, I soooo staged this.  But it was fun!

horseshoe crab

These four crows are the watchers of the dunes. four crows

My mother found this gorgeous shell last weekend.  The way the ocean broke it down it looks like one shell attached to a second.  I see four beautiful swirls on the main shell.

Three birds and a fish.  EVERYONE has a friend like this!

gull swallows fish

This crab is helping to celebrate four years of the photo blogging challenge!

funny crab

Have a wonderful weekend!

mom blog

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