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Flying Solo!
Published on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 by

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I’m back!  Did you miss me, because I sure missed you!  No internet this weekend – the beach house totally unplugged.  I cheated a little bit tweeting from my phone, but other than that it was complete (and much needed) downtime.

What a different beach house weekend, too.  My daughter had her first friend there, my middle son didn’t come and my mother was on her way to Europe!  I was flying solo to the beach house for the first time.  That meant all the meals, all the work, and no buddy to hang out with at night!

The strangest part was feeling the separation between my mother, my daughter and I.  Mom was far, far away while my daughter was busy the entire weekend with her friend.  It is the first time in 16 years I have actually read a book on the beach.  The water was too cold for swimming so the girls played in a tidal pool at my feet.

I will never forget being 8 months pregnant on a beach trip with my mother.  I was watching all the mommies following their young ones around.  I turned to my mother and jokingly said, “This will be the last time I read on the beach for a long time!”  And here it is, 16 years later, book in hand for the first time.

I spoke the truth that day, long long ago.  But to be honest, I would have traded that book for the chasing, the holding hands and the constant eye on the kids in the water.  Books can wait a few more years.

Although the water was really cold, my oldest caught a few waves with his fins and body board. What little waves there were!

body boarding

Outer Banks bodyboarding

And the best part?  Our doe had another set of twins who are no bigger than two feet tall.  They are covered in spots and prance behind mama like playful little puppies.  Simply magical.

Baby Deer in Corolla, NC from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

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