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You Can Dress Me Up
Published on Thursday, September 22, 2011 by

Thanks to my parents, I’ve eaten at five star restaurants, have traveled abroad and know how to carry myself in the most formal of situations.

However, there is my upbringing, and there is THE PRESENT.

The following pictures were taken within five days of each other.

Let’s start with the game of “what’s on my pants.”

flour handprint

chalk on pants

And end with the game of “what’s on my…”  Well, you get the idea.

greanbean leaves

In my current life, you can dress me up, but you can’t take me anywhere.  Sorry Mom and Dad.  You did the best you could.

mom blog

  • LOL! But isn’t urban chic the latest fashion when dining in a 5-star restaurant? Ok, so maybe flour, chalk and green bean leaves aren’t urban chic. More like SUB-urban chic!! You’re starting a new trend 🙂

    • That’s it. SUBurban chic. And proud of it!!! Maybe one day… oneeeee dayyyyyyyy I can wear heels again. But in the meantime, flour on the butt it is!

  • Whatever you’re doing, it looks like fun! 

    ~visiting from Vent, Ron’s photo post sure is nice.

    • Gardening, cleaning up artwork and cooking dinner… not the most “exciting” things in the world, but I am grateful for my life! 🙂

  • Bwahahahahahaha.  When you have little ones this is just they way things go.  You crack me up.

    Have a terrific day and weekend.  🙂

    • You are right…. but yet, I sometimes see these perfect looking moms, perfect skin, perfect nails, perfect clothes with several kids in tow. I think they are robots.

  • Ahahhahah. You can dress me up but you can’t take me anywhere either!

    • SEEEEE! You and I GOTTA get together!!!!!! We will make FOOLS out of ourselves!!!

  • Mel

    *laughing!!!*  Ohmygosh…this coulda been me.

    ‘Cept I’da happily explained the chalk.  😀

    I know no shame.  LOLOL

    Loved the beach photo–think I oughta find one this weekend……’cept it’s only gonna be 50 degrees.

    • Mel, where are you from!! I looked at your “about me” but it just had US. Although I live in Virginia Beach area, I consider “MY” beach Corolla NC, where my mom has a house. I am mourning the end of summer!

      The chalk wasn’t spelled out because…. it was a BORING STORY. Sigh. My daughter had a school project that involved black posterboard and chalk. She had to “rejects.” I put them in the kitchen and got chalk all over me. See? borrrringggg LOL!

      • Mel

        At least you have a REAL beach?  :-/

        I’m in the midwest–the closest we have to a beach is the manmade ones on the manmade lakes……unless you count the riverbank!  *I* was counting the riverbank…..and the sandbar……and anything that might even come close to being on the edge of water.  LOL

        I’m desperate!!  (this much is obvious, huh?  LOL)

        • Come visit us and the beach!!!! Oh wait, it is cold now. DANG. All kidding aside I am mourning the summer… I feel like I am not fully whole until I have my feet in the salt water. But I DO count my blessings every day, truly, that I am able to be where I am. My father retired in the right place. 🙂

  • Darling, it gives your ensembles “character”!

  • Dianne Wilson

    oh my we are kindred spirits
    I have never been able to stay all pulled together for more than 5 minutes

    I love your photo at Ron’s place
    the texture of all the shell pieces is wonderful

    love your blog name

  • Ron

    HILARIOUS post, Katherine!

    I just about fell off my chair looking at the last photo – omg, how FUNNY!!!!

    “However, there is my upbringing, and there is THE PRESENT.”

    I sooooo totally know what you mean because I’m the same way! In fact, the other day when I came home from work, as I took off my dress pants, I noticed that I had a HUGE smear of makeup foundation on the front of pants. I must have, during the day, rubbed up against one of the cosmetic counters and got foundation all over me. And I can’t believe none of my co-workers even mentioned it to me!

    For someone who is OCD about neatness, I can be such a SLOB – HA!

    Have a great weekend….X

  • Reminds me of when my girls were toddlers. I’d drop the oldest at daycare and head to work. Inevitably someone would comment on some mysterious dried glop on the back of my blouse/jacket/sweater. Little handprints in peanut butter or oatmeal, depending on the day.

  • Lindamcornell

    Staying clean is overrated.  All good stuff!  ; )

  • Are you kidding!?
    You’re a riot!
    You’re the kind of girl a guy would gladly take anywhere and everywhere!!

  • lj

  • Wow…Check out that pants pattern.

  • At least you didn’t walk into work with that on your pants!

  • I went to church on sunday with crusty oatmeal on my collar (from the kids…)! 🙂

  • Al

    Best stain I have seen is a why who used to wipe his mouthing (after brushing) on his sleeve.  He thought no on would notice! 🙂

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