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Floods, Banjos and Rescues
Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by

Every once in a while I scroll through my recent cell phone pictures and post a few.  It is such a great way to really capture a week or two of “real life.”  You can look at twenty people’s cell phone pictures and you will never see the same thing twice.

So what have I been snapping?

This is a picture my friend sent me that I saved to my camera roll.  Last weekend she honored me by having me at her lake house.  This was hurricane weekend, and yes… I am in a kayak!  It was pouring rain the first day and on the second we were fighting unbelievable gusts of wind.  But sometimes you have to make lemonade out of a few lemons.  My friend said as the wind blew I looked like I was wearing a sumo wrestler blow up costume.  Tis the season!


At one point, in the pouring rain, we had about seven eagles flying in and out above us.  It was magical!

virginia bald eagle

Speaking of hurricane…. our Corolla streets and house flooded.  Again!  Notice my neighbor’s pool in the second picture.  I am sure there are more fish swimming in both his pool and under our house.  We have closets and a water heater on the bottom level but no living space so we consider ourselves lucky.

flooded roads

obx flooding

My son’s truck didn’t flood, but it DID run in to some major damage by something hidden under the water.  Open heart surgery wasn’t enough for this poor kid?
towed truck

This is a screen shot I took of my son’s recent snapchat.  After his surgery he decided he wanted to learn the banjo!  My other son is looking for River’s collar.  She lost it somewhere in the back yard or house and she doesn’t remember where.
banjo playing

Finally, a face only a mother could love.  Rescues are the BEST.

funny dog

mom blog

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