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Floating Across the Breeze
Published on Friday, February 1, 2013 by

Cheesy Nicky and Mike.  The bane of our existence for the next 28 days.  Why?  Because they have challenged us to a month full of daily writing.

The first day’s subject?  Cheesy.  While taking this subject and rolling with it, I hope my post is anything but.

Hail Mary

“Mom, I want to do this by myself.”

She slipped past her mother, reaching for the refrigerator handle with a line of serious determination visible across her pursed lips.

It only took her a minute to find the block of foil wrapped cheddar cheese tucked between the deli meat and flour tortillas.  Reaching in, she wrapped her small hands around the precious package and purposely walked it towards the counter.

Taking a butter knife, she slowly worked at the orange block, holding her tongue just so.  Back and forth, back and forth, she worked the knife a little at a time until she heard the soft thunk of metal to board.

She cupped her small prize and walked purposely through the kitchen and out the back door.  Nearing the patio table, her eyelids lowered as she gazed towards the cardboard box waiting for her attention.

Carefully lifting the lid, she placed the precious bit of cheese next to a small, lifeless body.  Her finger briefly stroked the soft fur one last time before she closed the box and headed towards the garden.

Her mother’s heart caught in her throat as she watched her daughter kneeling in the distance.  Absentmindedly, she held her hand to her heart as the little girl’s quiet words floated across the breeze, “Hail Mary, full of grace….”

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