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Flippy Floppy Twisty Turny Sippy Sappy Heart
Published on Friday, April 16, 2010 by

first communion dressThis weekend will be an amazingly emotional, joyous, melancholy and gut wrenching weekend.  My heart and my mind will be twisted, turned and flippy floppied all over the place.  I am filled with so much joy, nervousness and anticipation that I can literally feel my heart in my throat as I write this post.  And the tears?  OH the TEARS.  All because I am one big fat Hallmark-style SAP.  And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., my youngest child – my only daughter – will be walking down the aisle in a white dress and veil for her First Holy Communion.  For those who aren’t Catholic, this is a huge HUGE deal.  And for me, an amazingly emotional one.  My children have laughed at me for years about this.  I see one little girl in her veil and dress and I am brought to tears as mocking laughter begins behind me.  How I will make it through this ceremony, I will never know.

One ceremony does not equate to a weekend though, does it?  So what comes next?  My boy is coming home to me.  For a few days, but still coming home.  To understand the situation, you need to read my post about saying goodbye to Vincent.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen Vincent.  And yes, he seems to be doing well in Connecticut.  I knew he would adjust, because he is strong and resilient.  My oldest son, not so much.  Since Vincent left, my boy has been distant, sad and has almost resisted making friends and hanging out with others from his school.  It’s broken my heart.  More than it broke when Vincent left last year.

But to our surprise, we found out this week that Vincent and his family will be visiting for his spring break.  AND HE IS STAYING WITH US UNTIL WEDNESDAY!  They are leaving TONIGHT at midnight, and should be arriving just before the First Communion ceremony.  I told him my car would be unlocked in the parking lot at church.  “Throw your stuff in there and come in to the church – we will have a spot for you!”

So picture this.  I’m sitting in the church, butterflies in my stomach as I wait for my daughter’s First Communion to start.  Just as the children are about to walk down the aisle, in walks Vincent – the other source of my butterflies.  Start the violins playing.  The emotion of seeing him, of my son having him back for a while, and of the ceremony about to take place – it’s just too much for this overly sentimental mother to handle.

It is very possible that Vincent doesn’t arrive on time, or chooses to go right to our house for a rest.  Either way, we get to have him all to ourselves for a few happy days.  I plan to spoil him rotten.  The boys have already given me the list.  “You have to make brownies, homemade bread and beef jerky.”  You got it.  Anything.  ANYTHING.

I’ll tweet when I can, in between smiles, sobs and a mother’s happy contentment.  Cross your fingers for me and pass me a Kleenex.  I’m gonna need a lot!

Does anything get YOU right in the gut?  A song you hear at weddings or funerals?  A ceremony, movie or book?  Or do you have a poker face that can outplay anyone during the heat of battle?

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  • What a huge weekend for your family! I won’t even expect to see you until next week sometime. Real life trumps! Enjoy every minute with your family this week.

  • It is crazy to think about my kids getting married. My youngest is 8 and my oldest is 14. I am not even ready for high school. Thinking about my childhood and what my kids may get into kicks me right in the gut. 🙁

  • I’m a pretty tough cookie, until I see someone else cry. Then I’m a big ball of soggy mush. Enjoy your time with Vincent and your family.

  • Something that always gets me? When I see my best friend upset. Which unfortunately happens alot! Then she turns me into a bawling baby!

  • Wow, that is a huge deal indeed, I’m sure tears will stream down your face when she walks down the aisle or say I do. You’ll be like, that’s my baby!

  • Jen

    How wonderful that Vincent is coming for a visit!

    I just have to wonder how you will get through her wedding. You are a basket case now, a wedding might put you over the edge.

  • Glad that Vincent is coming for a visit. Maybe that joy will help you get through your daughter’s big to do. Anyway, I hope all goes well and that you have a super week end. You will be a basket case by Mon. Have a good one.

  • Sco

    Sounds like a very emotionally draining period for you. A big few days.

    Have fun!

    I’m the poker face sort. Not much gets to me. Except for the final scene in “Repo! The Genetic Opera”

    That gets me every time.

  • Just keep striving and anything can be overcome.

  • I love those kind of tears. Have an awesome time – enjoy every second and take lots of pictures so you can look back and cry some more.

  • Awww! These are the best kind of tears! Im sure you took TONS of photos – [when you weren’t sobbing!]

  • AWW I hope you had a beautiful day with your loved ones.

    My godson makes his first communion on May 8th. I can’t wait and I am so excited! 🙂

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