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Flippin’ Girl Scout Cookies!
Published on Monday, February 23, 2009 by

girl scout cookie pictureNo, not tossing cookies… FLIPPING cookies!  I know, I know… just read on. 

We have a “new guy” at work who just turned 21 last week.  He is the baby of us all, lovingly nicknamed “Runt” by one of my co-workers.  As you probably know, it is Girl Scout Cookie time, so I brought my daughter’s form in to work.  People were asking for it, honest! 

So Runt grabs the form and takes it to his cubicle.  A few minutes later he returns and says, “I really mean this too.”  I look down and see he has ordered twenty boxes of cookies. Twenty! 

Twenty Boxes!?  “Sure!,” he said, “I am going to sell them to my friends for five bucks!” 

After a moment of complete silence, everyone started telling him how horrible he was, that it was stealing from the Girl Scouts, and so on.  But it was kind of funny – after all, he is always trying to make or win money in one way or another.  Several of us assumed he could never sell a $3.50 box of Girl Scout cookies for $5.00. 

Today Runt came back from his 21st birthday trip to Atlantic City.  I walked in and he announced, “I sold all my cookies!”  “WHAT?!”  “Yup, in the airport!”  He said that people were waiting in line for things like $5.00 bags of M&M’s, so he approached them and said he would sell them a box of Thin Mints for $5.00.  Twenty boxes of Girl Scout cookies later, he made a profit. 

It was after this story that we all realized… he had just flipped the Girl Scout Cookies!  Is it me, or is that just wrong?

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