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The Short Hairs
Published on Thursday, June 14, 2012 by

Day 14 of the writing challenge brings us the subject, “The Short Hairs.”

You may remember the 30-day photo challenge, in which I participated despite the fact that I didn’t have a camera?  So what do I do the day before I join the blog WRITING challenge?  Purchase a camera.

Highly researched for three months, my son’s friend found this modest camera to be the best for just under $300.

By the end of these three months, he said he could tell you every model and feature of every camera in this price range.  Reviews for this camera, the Fujifilm Finepix HS 20 EXR, were consistently the best overall.

Graduation was DAYS away.  And there would be no photographers at graduation!

Bottom line?  Come to Papa!  Or Mama. You know… ME!

It will take months for me to learn how to use this thing.  I have never seen so many features.  Furthermore, I have yet to learn about all the manual settings and what they can do.  I’ll get there.  The fun will be in the experimentation!

In the meantime, I finally have a camera that will do exactly what I want it to do.  And what is that?  Why, show the short hairs, of course!

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