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A Standing Ovation for Anthony Bourdain
Published on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by

last No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain.  You’ve seen him here before.

Remember when I saw him live with my mother?  And even better, the time my co-worker sent me a picture of  Anthony Bourdain holding up a sign WITH MY NAME ON IT?!

You might have already guessed, I kind of like Anthony Bourdain’s work.

Sadly, tonight was the final episode of No Reservations.  I am not here to review it.  I’m not here to comment on all of its amazing content.  Rather, I am here to give a standing ovation to Anthony Bourdain and his entire crew.

Sometimes at the end of a No Reservations, Anthony will share some surprisingly deep thoughts, usually with a bit of a laugh, but always spoken from the heart.

With this in mind, I assumed the last ten minutes would be Tony discussing many profound feelings about this being the final No Reservations.

No.  Not this time.

This time the regular show ran to the last few minutes, with Anthony Bourdain only giving us a few final words at the end.  His advice?

“Open Up Your Mind.  Get off the couch.  Move”

Bravo, Anthony.  BRAVO.

Couch Picture

Epilogue:  Just after I finished writing this post, Ottavia Bourdain tweeted, “That’s a WRAP!  Thanks for watching!  See you on CNN bitches!”


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