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Published on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 by

Christmas is finally over, bringing me back online.  Time to write up some posts and visit all my favorite blogs!  What better way to come back than with my submissions for the A ‘lil Hoohaa blog monthly photo challenge.  This month’s subject is festive.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

1.  I apologize for this picture.  I really do.  The evening these lights were put out I walked the dogs with my daughter.  With it being so cold, I attempted to fling the bag of dog poo over the hedge so I could collect it and toss it in the morning.  As you can see, I throw like a girl.  Which made it the most festive bag of dog poop ever!

bag of poo

2.  The weekend before Christmas brought us record breaking warm weather.  We took advantage of the 75 degree December day with a boat ride through the inter-coastal waterway and beyond.  My friend asked if we wanted to pick some fresh, wild mistletoe.  He pulled the boat up to the water’s edge for my son to collect a bunch.  Not wanting it at home with the dogs, I had my daughter place it on an outdoor light-up frog at my mother’s house.  During our Christmas visits to her house I made sure to kiss the frog every single time.


    3.  During our boat ride we stopped at the Blackwater Trading Post for barbecue and coca-cola.  This festive deer greeted us from the far wall.funny deer head

4.  Peppermint fudge.  There is a long secret story to this but I can’t tell you what it is.  I know my Dad is smiling down at me because of it, though!

chocolate peppermint fudge

5.  It isn’t Christmas until I take out my snowman collection.  I would say I have about 50 of them, give or take a few.  After Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve, we go to my Mom’s house for her mother’s famous beef soup and then she comes to my house to spend the night.  Later that evening we drink champagne and watch a bit of the Pope celebrating Mass on TV.  It is during this time that I turn on all of my battery operated snowmen and light the ones with candles.  Only then is it truly a festive Christmas.

snowman collection

I know we were only supposed to post five pictures, but since this is Christmas time I added a bonus.  Because Christmas isn’t festive without Santa.  And frankly, it makes up for the festive poo picture.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

McArthur Center Santa

mom blog

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