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It Started With An Upset Stomach
Published on Monday, February 24, 2014 by


It started Saturday after lunch.  My stomach began to hurt a bit.  By dinner time my stomach was burning and I had no appetite.  I chalked it up to gastroparesis.  Until I woke at 1 in the morning with my stomach churning.

It came in waves for 24 hours.  The pain in my joints was unbearable.  All I could do was kick my legs around, tearing the sheets off the bed while I held my stomach.

I remember bits and pieces of the last two days.  My daughter brought in naproxen and ginger ale.  She said I looked horrible, and then she said she was scared.

I’m upright for the first time in two days.  I’m tired.  I’m weak and my stomach is weaker.  But darn it all, I still made the deadline for the WWFC daily writing challenge with today’s prompt, “And then she said.”

WITH the stomach flu.

BAM.   (anyone have any homemade chicken soup?  …. whimper…)

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  • What a trooper. I’m impressed. Stomach flu isn’t pleasant. I’d send you some virtual chicken soup if I could.

  • Oh no. Feel better soon! XOXOX

  • Oh Katherine, I’m so sorry! That’s miserable. Stay hydrated!

  • Ron

    Sending ya a HUGE hug of energy, Katherine…

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Heal, my friend

  • ReformingGeek

    BLESS YOUR HEART….and your stomach!

    I’m glad you’re upright.

  • Feel better soon! (And THAT’S dedication!!)

  • Oh Katherine! Don’t push yourself, don’t even think about the challenge! Rest up and feel better.

  • I hope you feel better soon, Katherine. That crap’s been going around and I’ve heard nothing but misery from anyone who’s gotten it. Kick it to the curb!

  • Hope you’re feeling better now.

  • Dang, woman! If I’d known you were going to get that sick from our little beach outing, I would have left you alone! Hope you’re on the mend now.

  • You are made of steel. If I had a stomach flu…challenge or not…I would be tucked firmly into my bed. Hope you are feeling better.

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