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My Smartphone Is Missing One Important Feature
Published on Thursday, December 2, 2010 by

I love my new Samsung Fascinate.  From the Android Apps to the amazing graphics, one would think it has it all.  But sadly, my  smart phone is missing one very important camera feature.  Anti-Dog Blur.  Is there an App for that?

funny pug mix

pug mix

deaf dalmatian

dalmatian running

dalmatian bath

mom blog

  • Maybe you can find an app to teach the dogs to sit still. Not quite anti-dog blur but it would have the same effect.

  • Those dogs move like my children! Just when I think I have a good picture of them I look at it and find they have moves and their faces are not quite right!! Drives me insane as I never see them move when I hit the button on the camera!


  • I think you should complain about this. Bwahahahahaha. They do move fast don't they.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Ha! My phone doesn't have that problem, although maybe it's simply because I don't have any pets to try it out on. 🙂

  • Sheila Sultani

    I don’t know what it is about those mutts I can’t even sneak up on mine and get a clear picture when he’s asleep. They feel the camera vibes and start into tazmanian devil mode.

  • Honey is extremely camera shy which makes it very hard to get a good photo of her. She simply turns her head. Harry on the other hand is a ham and loves to pose for me. Your baby looks like she’s moving so fast you could almost connect the dots!

    • She just had a bath… so she was going in CIRCLES on the floor LOL! Dottie was like Honey – very very shy of the camera. Harry sounds like a great model!

  • That’s some cool phone you’ve got. Can I borrow it forever?
    Have you tried taking a video instead..then when playing it back (real slow) pause on a nice pose and save-screen. I do that for favourite movie scenes.

  • Thats cuz doggies dont sit still long enough for photos and cellphone cameras are REALLY sensitive!!

  • yuani

    why all dog photos blurry? dog can not be silent.

  • a blurry picture of your doggy shows he is a happy, energitic and fun loving doggy. Take a propper camera for pictures of him, they are advanced enough to “unblur” him.

  • Hey, I’ve got some cat pictures like that. Some are so bad they are funny!

  • Or you get yourself some turtles as pets. Even a poor camera on a mobile phone can caprute these guys 🙂

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