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Fact or Fiction?
Published on Monday, February 25, 2013 by

Day 24 of the We Work for Cheese Blog Writing Challenge.  My greatest regret?  I have missed two or three days of seeing other’s posts… I simply fell asleep.  At the end of this I plan to go back!

My first car was a Datsun B210 Hatchback.  I couldn’t drive a stick at the time and rolled back a few feet on every hill I encountered.  Happily, I went from my little orange Datsun to a neighbor’s pink Mary Kay Cadillac.  Without ever selling a lipstick.  The company soon found out.

walking dead car

In college, I was on the Major Concerts Committee, bringing Heart and The Kinks to Hofstra University.  While I was there, I took belly dancing, although I never let anyone outside the class walls see me wiggle and jiggle.  I also caused a small fire in my dorm room when I wasn’t even there.

My first child was born in a Food Lion storage room, which is where the public bathrooms are located.  I apologized profusely as the EMT crew took me away.  To this day, I wonder which poor kid had to clean up after.  Imagine what he told his mother when he got home.

The grossest thing I have ever ingested is water mixed with phlegm-filled spit hacked up for about two hours in to my glass by my very sick son.  OK, I’ll tell you right now.  THIS one is fact.

My favorite movie is the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I actually have a secret crush on Gene Wilder.  And Bernadette Peters.  Kinda creepy since they are both redheads.

Fact… or fiction?

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