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Shoot Me NowEyelashes for… CARS?

Eyelashes for… CARS?
Published on Sunday, March 18, 2012 by

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have bad taste.  Well, a taste for the tacky.  But this?   This is actually a little beyond my own questionable sense of fashion.  Before I took these pictures, I told the car, “Say Cheese!”

eyelashes for cars

car bling

car eyelashes

And you know what?  I think she winked!

mom blog

  • That is one of the odder things I think I’ve ever seen on a car! Thanks for stopping to take a pic – now I’m gonna be on the lookout for these!!!

  • Bwahahahahahaha.  That is tacky times two.  You really told the car to say cheese?  I can see you doing that.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

  • Oh Lord, I don’t even know what it says about me that I LIKE them!!! 🙂

  • What? OMFG! I’ve never seen ANYTHING like that!

  • That’s hysterical!   Might work for city folks, but I’d be laughed right off the farm if I ever put those on my car.   Whatever happened to a good ol’ Jesus bobble head on the dash?

  • Ninso
  • I am speechless. I can’t make up my mind on whether this is cutest things I have seen on a car or the dumbest. At least we know the gender of the car… or do we? 

  • Ginger

    Cute!!! Does it come with mascara? lol

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