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Published on Thursday, October 11, 2012 by

I am actually loving this 30-day photo challenge.  No, really!  The subject thrown at us today is HEAVY.

My first born.  Now in college.  The little guy who loved Power Rangers, Pokemon and trains is now on his way to becoming a paramedic.  And later, firefighter.

How did it go from Blue’s Clues to this?

eyeball out of socket

Heavy, heavy stuff.

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  • Heavy stuff indeed. Your son must be a very caring person taking this career path – congratulations!

  • You’re loving this challenge? Are you sick or something?

  • Ron

    Well you know me, even though I enjoy humor and comedy, I also enjoy the heavy stuff too.

    Great photo for this word, Katherine!

    And a huge congrats to your son! Three cheers!


  • I could never do what your son wants to do. Kudos to him!

  • Danielle Batog

    Good for him!!! I miss the original Blues Clues with Steve ;(

  • That is heavy stuff. Kudos to your son. Not everyone is equipped to do what he is doing.

  • Barb

    He must make you VERY proud mom!!!!! 🙂

  • MikeWJ

    I was just about to enjoy my morning bagel and Pepsi Max when I saw this and barfed on my shoes. Seriously, how does anybody do this sort of work? More specifically, how does your son do it? It’s noble work, but you’d think the horror and misery of it would accumulate in your mind and depress you, much as 30 Days of Photographs has depressed me.

    But then, maybe the two of your are made of tougher stuff than I am. Nice work, Katherine. My hat’s off to you Or would be if I was wearing a hat. Or pants. I hate pants.

    • HA HA HA!!!!

      Actually I would TOTALLY BARF if I saw it. My son hasn’t done the “real” things yet… he has his first 12 hour ER and ambulance shifts later this month. That’s when it gets REAL. But he could gut a deer without thinking twice… he looks at this stuff more like, “Wow, that’s fascinating” than “I’m going to barf.” Not sure where he gets it!

      Now, about those pants!

      • Mikewj

        What pants? I thought I was perfectly clear here. 😉

      • My husband took the course to become an EMT, volunteer-style in a small town. He was fine until the hospital ER shifts. Emotionally detaching from the horrors was impossible for him. I wish your son well.

  • Well, this interpretation of heavy has me heaving! Yikes!

  • Great take on this theme. That photo is HEAVY all by itself! You must be very proud of your son!

  • This is definitely some heavy stuff! Is it weird that the first thought I had when looking at the photo was trying to figure out how they’d go about putting it back in?

    • It said in the book that the EMT is NOT to touch it… not sure what the doctor does after. Crazy, isn’t it?!?!

  • Coco

    Oh, it’s not good to avoid heavy stuff like this but it hurts me too much. Good catch!

  • Congratulations on your son’s journey from Pokemon to Paramedic to eventual Firefighter.

    I can’t watch slasher horror movies without covering my eyes. My 23 year old son is going into nursing. He took an EMT course last year and loved it. He wants to be an ER nurse.

  • I’m actually LOVING the challenge too!

    And your oldest son = AMAZING. And yes, very heavy, stuff indeed!

  • Paula Wooters

    Yep… heavy stuff. My son went the criminal justice route in college, which I found very heavy. Now he’s back to locksmithing, which is much easier for a mother to handle.

  • ladyV

    wow, i agree. heavy stuff and thank him for his service.

  • Mel

    You have to be committed to do this–and what a testimony to the fine stuff the son is made of.

    Be proud for him……and of him, which undoubtedly you are.

  • My Dad is a retired firefighter. It’s definitely a calling.

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  • Wow!! I applaud his bravery! And definitely thank him now for his future service.

  • This so disturbed me yesterday and clicking away before reading this. Still haven’t looked at the photo but HUZZAH to your son. (You’re nuts, woman. Truly nuts.)

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