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Shoot Me NowAnother Example Of Exemplary Driving In Virginia

Another Example Of Exemplary Driving In Virginia
Published on Friday, February 10, 2012 by

In order to approach this ATM, you must drive around a sharp corner.  As you turn, you are unable to see the drive-thru area.  This made the following especially, well, startling.  There is only one way the arrows point.  Let’s just say I was driving along with the arrows.  These people decided they were SPECIAL and drove against the arrows.

dumb drivers

It’s too bad I missed this part:

drive thru bank

Sometimes it is just too hard to pull up to the front of the building, get out of the passenger seat and walk to the ATM.  Now the fun part.  What do you think they were getting money for?

mom blog

  • Ron

    Katherine, I LOVE these adorable little photo caption posts you do.

    They’re so cleverly hysterical!

    WTH were these people doing driving against the arrows?!?!?!?

    “Now the fun part.  What do you think they were getting money for?”

    um….let me think……..wait, I forgot what I was going to say….um….I can’t remember.


    Did I guess it?


  • They probably getting money for the down payment on a brain that works.  That’s what I think.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Wow. Some people should NOT be allowed to drive. AT ALL. 

  • Mel


    Do you want fries with that?!

    Some people’s kids!  LOLOL

  • Sometimes I wonder about people.  The town next to the Small Town is extremely wealthy so it is filled with people who are stuffed with their own importance.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that around here.  The attitude there is that the signs don’t apply to me, they apply to the riffraff (and yes, I am part of the riffraff).

  • Phil DaBlogger

    Were they teenage drivers? If so, then I’m surprised that they  managed to keep their car in one lane.  You should be complementing them on that, frankly. And with bonus complements if they didn’t hit the ATM.

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