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Published on Thursday, June 7, 2012 by

krispy kreme donuts


Drinking.  Eating.  Money.  Exercise.  Sex. TV.  Smoking.  Video Games.

All of these can lead to excess.

When I look at the material things in my life, nothing even comes close to the word “excess.”  And my lifestyle?  No excess there as well.

When I saw the subject for today’s writing challenge I thought, “If I were to overdo something to excess, what would it be?”

I can’t see drinking to excess.  I would end up barfing every morning.  Smoking?  ALLERGIES!  Honestly, the only thing I can see going south would be eating.  But what have I eaten to an actual excess?

Time for a bit of honesty.

At one point in my lifetime, I have eaten the following foods to excess:

  1. The Crisco-style frosting on large, Food Lion birthday cakes.  Not the whipped cream.  The hard sugar mixed with lard.  I have actually snuck the fridge door open, grabbed handfuls of the stuff and shoved them in my mouth while no one was looking.
  2. Homemade rice crispie treats.  What is it about the homemade ones?  They scratch up your mouth and get your hands all sticky.  But during my lifetime I have indeed had moments of eating them to excess.
  3. Taco Bell.  Not now, but way back in my college days.  You drink, you go to Taco Bell, you EAT.
  4. Hot, greasy and fresh Krispy Kreme donuts.  Sigh.  And their hard Crisco style filled donuts?  See the Crisco-Sugar theme going on here?
  5. Dolmades.  Homemade Greek dolma.  One birthday I ate so much that I hurled.  And then proceeded to eat my mother’s angel food cake with 7 minute icing.  Another amazing excess.  Happy Barfing Birthday.

So there you have it.  My downfalls to excess.

I am dying to know what you have done or could potentially do in excess.  Food?  What kind?  Cigarettes?  Alcohol?  Porn?  Shoes?  (Come on Nicky.  We ALL know.)

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  • Ron

    Two of the items you listed here I love too….

     Krispy Kreme donuts 
    Homemade Greek dolma. 


    I try not to do anything in excess, but potentially I could see chocolate and cheese being an excess if I didn’t curtail myself. I have to really watch how much I consume.

    Have a faaaaaaaabulous Thursday, Katherine!

    • Ron, if I gave you dolma, would you hold it up for a picture like you did that cucumber?!?! 

  • Lord!  I love them all!  God help me!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    My excess is an easy one to determine ~ thrift shoppping!


    • Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift shopping!  I have found so many pairs of “Lucky Jeans,” cool old clothes, jackets… retro!  We have one by us called DAV… Disabled American Veterans … they have the best prices and the best stuff!

  • I tried to think of something I have or do to excess.  Alas, nothing.  I guess that’s a good thing, but it makes it hard to write about it.

    I love, love, love Krispy Kreme donuts, but only indulge occasionally.  The only other thing that comes to mind is potatoes.  I could eat potatoes every single day, in any form you can think of – fried, french fries, hash browns, baked, roasted, scalloped, potato salad, boiled (least favorite prep).  But I don’t.

    • You put sour cream or cheese on a potato and I am THERE!  I think one of the greatest things ever made was a potato baked just right… then add butter and sour cream and lots of pepper!

  • Holy crap. Hot Krispy Kreme donuts should probably be outlawed. I am with you there. In excess. So glad I don’t live near one now!

    • We have one really close by.  I really don’t go there… and then my amazing neighbor takes my daughter and brings home some.  I love my neighbor and I love the donuts!

  • Mine are cigarettes, doughnuts and spagetti. I have actually made myself sick on spagetti. Now I’m hungry.

    •  Oh WOW.  You probably make AMAZING Spaghetti!  RECIPE PLEASE!!!!

  • Used to smoke to excess, drink, and when I was a kid I could eat a whole tube of raw cookie dough in one sitting. By the way, that little girl in the Krispy Kreme ad scares me.

    • Isn’t she EVIL LOOKING?!?!  LOLOLOL!!!!  I love it!  Oh, and the cookie dough.  Did you barf?

  • I’m thinking birthday cake – it is my weakness…

    • Oh I have been meaning to tell you… every time you leave a comment and I click on the link on my site, it says your url is not found.  Is there a link you need to update in google?

      • I don’t know why so I logged out and back in…thanks for the info.

  • Man, I miss Taco Bell. 🙁

  • Monu
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