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Tropical Smoothie Mishap!
Published on Thursday, November 15, 2007 by

Female SymbolTry and top THIS embarrassing moment!  On my way out to pick up lunch, a male co-worker asked if he could tag along to get some as well.  I was more than happy to have the company.  Everything was going just fine until our short time in line.  I was busy talking away while fumbling for the money in my pocket.  As I quickly pulled out my money, a little surprise came out with it.  I had forgotten I had a feminine product (OK, a tampon!) in my pocket, which then (in slow motion!) flew out of my pocket, several feet into the air, finally catapulting itself outward past at least three people ahead of me.  In an absolute panic I blurted for him to not look (making him immediately look) as I dodged around the people in line to retrieve my “personal property.”  HOW EMBARRASSING!

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