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Easter 2011
Published on Monday, April 25, 2011 by

Windy, warm air with freezing water. So beautiful.


Our Easter cross, made from things we found on the beach.


My daughter found a fossilized sand tiger shark tooth. The first we've found in 30 years. She immediately made a necklace with it.


Before the Easter Vigil


It took me FOREVER to eliminate the vinegar!


The ONLY woman to completely submerge herself in the 55 degree ocean! I don't think I was breathing yet for this picture. No makeup, no hair product and covered in salt and sand. HEAVEN.

Blessed Easter, Passover and spring break to all!

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  • Wow, how cool to find that tooth! I am such a fossil geek.

    • I could not believe it… we have had that house for 30 years and have never seen a shark tooth on the beach. To find a fossilized one… and it may be at LEAST 10,000 years old… that just blows my mind!

  • How fun and what a great find. A great necklace too.

    I think you look fabulous.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • What a great post!
    First of all, I have now learned how much you love going to Toyota Corolla, and a little of your Easter traditions. That was nice.
    And now the cross made of beach stuff, the story of finding the shark tooth and making a necklace, the beautiful picture of your daughter in her Easter dress, and of brave, beautiful you after a cold ocean dip… well all that is wonderful!
    I’m glad you had a great Easter! Thank you for sharing it!

    • It was hard for me to post a pic of me sans makeup, that’s for sure! But I am happiest on the beach covered in sand and suntan lotion and salt water so there you go. It cracks me up that you call it Toyota Corolla… I laugh every time!

  • Happy Belated Easter, my friend!

    • Do you say “Happy Passover?” Or simply say, “I hope you had a wonderful Passover time?” i was thinking of you when I went past the typical “Happy Easter.” Oh oh and here is ANOTHER question… do you make the potato pancakes? If so, RECIPE!!!

      • We celebrate EVERYTHING in this house!

        I am not what you would call a ‘practicing’ Jew. In fact, I wouldn’t identify myself as Jewish. At. All. I don’t speak or read Hebrew. I didn’t attend Hebrew school, nor did I have a Bat-mitzvah. I don’t attend temple, and I am not raising my son Jewish.

        So why do I participate in these holiday events?

        Anyone up for a ‘Quick Family History’?



        My grandmother, my mothers mother, “MANGA” was an Italian Catholic lady. My uncles, my cousins and relatives on her side of the family are also Italian Catholic.

        My grandfather, my mothers father, “POPPA-SYE” is Jewish. When Manga & Poppa Sye got married way back in the day, their interfaith wedding was a huge taboo.

        My mother, Pam, was raised with both religions and ideals. She was allowed to choose which religion she wanted to be when she grew up. Somewhere along the way, my mother eventually decided to embrace the Jewish religion. I’m not exactly sure when or why.

        While my brother Adam went on to attend Hebrew school complete with having a Bar-mitzvah, I went off to tour with the Grateful Dead.

        Later on, my mother married her high school sweetheart (my now stepfather). He is what I like to call a ‘Pseudo-Jew’.

        My stepfather, Ron, was born and raised Italian Catholic. His whole side of family is also Italian Catholic. My stepfather converted to Judaism in his previous marriage and raised his son my stepbrother Lee with the Jewish faith.

        So. Let’s break this down.

        My family (on BOTH SIDES) are Italian Catholics. EXCEPT for my immediate family.

        My mother, my stepfather, both of my brothers and both of their wives and all of their children, are Jewish.

        Got all that?

        The coolest thing about my family’s religious situation? Up in here we celebrate all of the Jewish holidays AND all of the Catholic holidays. It’s like getting to party together practically year round.

  • Pretty as you are, you don’t need “product” at all! Where’s the pup?

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