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Earl? Is That You?
Published on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by

hurricane earl damage

Ahhhh, Earl.  Your name rolls off the tip of my tongue like a salt and vinegar cricket.  You are something I really don’t want but apparently just might taste.

Here in Hampton Roads we are watching Hurricane Earl with great interest.  Will it hit us?  Will it not?  And even worse… THE BEACH HOUSE.  My mother’s house in the Outer Banks.  The one with picnic tables, benches and chairs simply waiting to become flying missiles careening towards the glass windows and doors of the living room and kitchen.

Should my mother go down and secure things?  I have to work so I can’t go down with her.  How would she move the heavy furniture?  These are the things we’ve been talking about today.

So far the storm is predicted to remain offshore, bringing us only strong winds, riptides and some potential flooding.  But the Outer Banks might get more of a direct hit.  Tomorrow I’m filling up my gas tank and getting much needed pet food.  All the prescriptions are filled and there is a sufficient amount of food in the house.  I haven’t gone the “bottled water route” yet, but time and the weather just may change that.

In 2003 we weathered Hurricane Isabel with gusts up to 83 mph.  One gust was strong enough to push me into my mother’s porch window, breaking it with my back.  If this storm stays 100 to 150 miles out to sea, we should be perfectly fine.  Isabel nicked from 25 miles away, which is significantly closer than the predicted path.

So stay tuned, my friends.  In a few days you may see pictures of a washed out Outer Banks.  I pray this won’t happen.  You may not hear from me simply because the power is down due to moderate winds.    If that is the case, you can find me on Twitter!  Or everything might be perfectly wonderful, with my house and the beach house completely intact.  Let’s go for the latter, shall we?

Update September 1 a.m.: As of this morning, better news!  However, my mother’s Outer Banks house will get some good winds. Cross your fingers that this is the correct forecast and that Earl will stay out to sea!  The kids will NOT be happy with this prediction, considering it means school is in session!

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  • You too huh? Here in The Maritimes we are watching Earl.. it's supposed to head “out to sea” around Boston and land smack into my province on the weekend. That is if “he” keeps the course he is on now, I'm hoping he will be downgraded if he keeps course.

    My fingers crossed for you.


    • My fingers are crossed for you too!!!! I heard it might downgrade as it goes by us… I hope it does. Keep in touch!!!

  • I hope it doesn't get too rough for you, either your house or the beach house. We've been in FL during several tropical storms/hurricanes, on the beach as they either made landfall or passed by. None were bad, and we just had high surf, high winds, lots of rain, and some power outage. No real flooding where we were, thankfully. We are in central NC so no danger, here, although we could use some rain.

    • Hope you got some rain from Earl… but I tend to think you didn't? We had almost none really…. it was wet when I woke up, but just drizzle really. So we did great AND the garden was watered. I would be so scared to live in FL during a hurricane!!!

  • I hope Earl stays way out there and you don't have to worry. Does your mom have any friends that can help her secure her lawn furniture? Yikes.

    Have a terrific day and I've got my fingers crossed that Earl misses you by many miles.

    • She did have someone who ended up coming by, AFTER she had already left. oh well! But the good news is she came home safe, the house has no damage and the beaches aren't red flagged anymore. Woo hoo!

  • God, Honey, you guys stay safe. These things scare the hell out of me. Please keep us posted.

    • We did great during Earl…. I just put up a post with some video 🙂

  • We are rooting for Outer banks Katharine! Earl shall pass over you!!!
    You guys do have the most colorful weather in the States. Here its just sunshine and rain. Nothing remotely dramatic.

    • Thanks for the cheering because Earl left us alone… WOO HOO!

  • All the outdoor furniture “missiles” and broken glass can be cleaned up and/or replaced…you cannot. Take care of yourselves!

    • We stayed away… but were AMAZED that all our Corolla neighbors stayed in their beach houses! Those suckers are on STILTS! ACK! They are all OK…. but wow…. brave! (or stupid?) 🙂

  • Joy

    Prayers are with you and your family . . and your furniture! After he swings by your beach, Earl is headed our way, but NYC is fairly well-protected except for the wind & rain. We have boots like we wore when we were seven to keep our feets dry as we scurry about the city, with no hope for getting a taxi. Umbrella-sellers are mobilizing now. Btw, if you fillgallon or 5-gallon jugs (or recycle soda bottles) with tap water and store them in the basement or under the bed, you won't have to buy water when weather's tempers flare and store shelves are most likely to be empty. We can do without a lot of things, but water isn't one of them. Also learning to swim.

    • Well at least I knew how to swim, although I didn't need that talent during Earl… thank goodness! How did NY do??? Did you get anything from Earl? I am so glad we were blessed with no damage… hope you can say that too!!

  • Hope mom can get things secured. My sister is in Kitty Hawk, I'm on the mainland across from Sanderling. Think all will be okay, but honestly I'm up for the distraction: http://lisa-griffiths.com/earl-turns-me-on/

    • Lisa, I just left a comment on your Earl Turns me on post. That was GENIUS!!!

  • Jeannie

    Well it's 2:29 a..m. on Friday morning, and I'm watching the weather channel. Not that I'm a firm believer in the weather channel over any other weather man!! teeheehee But they are getting battered down in Hatteras….sorry!!! Not hurricane force winds, yet. Power poles on fire in Southern Shores, 7 inches of water on hwy 12, 50 mph winds. Do I go on?? And since we live only a few miles apart….let me see….I went out on our back deck, the wind has picked up, trees are blowing, not bending…swaying. But it is blowing hard enough that our motion detectors are staying on and I can see the water in the pool rippling. Sooooo I guess Earl is coming our way, let's see what he has for us….

    Oh my, the weather man is getting a nice facial, all that pounding rain and blowing sand, what do you think??

    Hold tight, don't blow away…..

    • HA HA! I LOVED the weather man getting the facial – I know exactly which one you are talking about!!! 🙂 We went to OBX and had NO DAMAGE woo hoo! Can you believe Friday… it was less rain and wind than our regular nor'easters! That is a good thing… but I was a TINY bit disappointed we couldn't have a LITTLE more show!

  • My experience with hurricanes is that its “hard tellin' not knowin'” as in they can track the darn things for 2 weeks and ultimately you never know what you will get. After having an apartment and 2 cars damaged in a hurricane my best advice is… Have water, have batteries… have insurance and then have a sense of humor.

    • I had all but the batteries…. I was almost there! We are so lucky we just got a TINY bit of rain and wind in Virginia Beach, and the storm didn't do much damage at all in Corolla. Woo hoo!

  • Im late to reading this – I hope you werent hit too hard?

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