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Earl? Is That You?
Published on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by

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Ahhhh, Earl.  Your name rolls off the tip of my tongue like a salt and vinegar cricket.  You are something I really don’t want but apparently just might taste.

Here in Hampton Roads we are watching Hurricane Earl with great interest.  Will it hit us?  Will it not?  And even worse… THE BEACH HOUSE.  My mother’s house in the Outer Banks.  The one with picnic tables, benches and chairs simply waiting to become flying missiles careening towards the glass windows and doors of the living room and kitchen.

Should my mother go down and secure things?  I have to work so I can’t go down with her.  How would she move the heavy furniture?  These are the things we’ve been talking about today.

So far the storm is predicted to remain offshore, bringing us only strong winds, riptides and some potential flooding.  But the Outer Banks might get more of a direct hit.  Tomorrow I’m filling up my gas tank and getting much needed pet food.  All the prescriptions are filled and there is a sufficient amount of food in the house.  I haven’t gone the “bottled water route” yet, but time and the weather just may change that.

In 2003 we weathered Hurricane Isabel with gusts up to 83 mph.  One gust was strong enough to push me into my mother’s porch window, breaking it with my back.  If this storm stays 100 to 150 miles out to sea, we should be perfectly fine.  Isabel nicked from 25 miles away, which is significantly closer than the predicted path.

So stay tuned, my friends.  In a few days you may see pictures of a washed out Outer Banks.  I pray this won’t happen.  You may not hear from me simply because the power is down due to moderate winds.    If that is the case, you can find me on Twitter!  Or everything might be perfectly wonderful, with my house and the beach house completely intact.  Let’s go for the latter, shall we?

Update September 1 a.m.: As of this morning, better news!  However, my mother’s Outer Banks house will get some good winds. Cross your fingers that this is the correct forecast and that Earl will stay out to sea!  The kids will NOT be happy with this prediction, considering it means school is in session!

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