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Duct Tape Projects, Minus Justin Bieber
Published on Sunday, March 10, 2013 by

“Mom?  Can we get some duct tape?  Everyone is making things out of duct tape.  Flowers… bows… all kinds of stuff.”

And so it began.  A trip to Home Depot.  To Target.  And to Lowes.

duct tape at Target

Sadly, we could not find camo duct tape.  But we will keep looking.  What we DID find was Justin Bieber duct tape.  Which was turned down IMMEDIATELY.  I guess you can actually get too old for Justin Bieber.  But not for Hello Kitty.  You know how I know?  Because I wanted the Hello Kitty duct tape.  BAD.  Only to be shot down.  “Mom, I am NOT getting Hello Kitty Duct tape!”

Justin Bieber Duck Tape

What did come home with us?

color duck tape

Off and on all weekend, my daughter worked on duct tape projects.


duck tape lanyard

My daughter made me a duct tape lanyard!


duck tape wallet

I scored a new duct tape wallet.


duct tape bag

She made herself a duct tape bag.


duck tape bookbag

Her new book bag. She has since added the second strap.


duck tape pencil case

Her new duct tape pencil case. She even put a zipper in it!


duck tape hair bows

Duct tape hair bows!


I believe creativity skipped a generation, moving from my mother directly to my daughter.  However, I’m not complaining.  Because I reap the benefits… from both!  Now, about those duct tape flip flops…

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  • Heather R

    I love her projects! She is so creative just like her momma!

  • You daughter is seriously clever. I hadn’t heard of making anything out of duct tape. I am so out of the loop now that my children are grown up and moved out.

    I must be living in a cave as I also, didn’t realized that you could buy duct tape with designs on it. Justin Bieber duct tape?

  • Ron

    Okay, I gotta tell ya that your daughters creations are BEYOND fabulous, Katherine!


    Especially love the wallet and the pencil case!

    And this is just too too ironic because I recently discovered a girl here in Pennsylvania who has a website and book about duct tape projects. Before discovering her, I had no idea that duct tape could even be used for creating such amazing stuff!

    Here’s her website in case you’re interested.


    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  • Mel

    OH my gosh!!!

    Whoda thunk! How cool are those?!
    Right……duct tape……
    I say camo duct tape at Michaels and WalMart, btw.
    I laughed.
    I will stop laughing now.

  • Barb

    WOW Those look cool- how did she get the zipper to work?

  • Totally-super-cool! And I definitely want Hello Kitty duct tape!! OMG!

  • Those are seriously awesome!

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