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Driving in to Buildings
Published on Sunday, March 2, 2014 by

People driving their cars in to buildings.  This has become an epidemic in Hampton Roads.  Every few weeks there is a new car vs. building post.  Locals are crashing in to restaurants, stores…. and yes, even a car dealership.

At some point I “liked” the local news station WVEC on Facebook.  I believe it was for a car giveaway.  How ironic.  Perhaps it is good I didn’t win the car, as I may have crashed it in to a building by now.

I certainly sympathize with those involved, whether they are the crashers or the crashees.  But gosh darnit, I can’t tell you how much I have laughed at the comments people leave on Facebook regarding these crashes.  People are so BAD.  I certainly wouldn’t want to glorify their bad behavior, say… in a blog post.  Am I right?

First there was the elderly woman who crashed in to a restaurant.

restaurant car crash

funny facebook comments

Then there was the car that ran in to the Checkered Flag car dealership.

checkered flag car crashsticker shockcheckered flag accidentelderly driving
There have been more, including one in which an acquaintance of mine is friends with the driver.  Call it a brush with fame?  But the one that generated the comment that made me laugh out loud was the infamous 7-11 slammer.

7-11 car crash

texting and driving

Stay safe folks, and steer clear of large buildings.  Even you, Kevin Carlson!

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  • Ron

    OMG…that one shot of the car that slammed into the 7-11….YIKES! It practically went through the entire window!

    Loved the comment from Kevin Carlson!

    When I first live in Florida, I would see this kind of thing a lot because of all the seniors who live there. Now, a lot of the senior citizen communities offer free public transportation, which I think is an AWESOME idea!


    • Ron I have never heard of that… the free transport. That is an AMAZING idea!

      • My dad’s now taking advantage of the free motor transport to doctor’s appointments in Florida… good thing since he just gave me his car! I’m so grateful he gave up the car on his own… both because I got the car and because I didn’t want to have to deal with trying to take the keys away. So many of my friends are having to deal with that lately and it’s not pretty!

  • This must be an epidemic or possibly a plague. Here in Kansas City, building rammers are always in the news. Maybe we should start a PSA kind of campaign. Stop Means STOP.

    Sadly a lot of these are seniors. I approach this subject cautiously as I am on the doorstep of seniorhood. Not long ago a (very senior) lady here drove through a Popeye’s Chicken. Her car went through the kitchen and slammed the hot grease vats all over the employees. Left one in critical condition. She said she thought the accelerator was the brake.

    I, too thought the comment from Kevin Carlson was pretty funny.

    • I didn’t really think about how the examples I showed were all elderly… Oops! But there are lots more and they are all ages… the one I know is a young man. I wonder how many overall have to do with cell phones. It makes me crazy when I see people texting and driving!

      • We have had some younger building rammers as well. AND I am like you, when I see someone on the road messing with their phone it makes me crazy. Invariably they are all over the road or traveling at a crawl. GRRRR

  • Hahahaha! (Keving Carlson) I’m almost sorry that last one wasn’t due to texting… would have made a great cautionary tale.

  • KZ

    Wow, that really is kind of a rampant problem, isn’t it? It really shouldn’t be happening as often as it is. Those screenshots are really funny, but that red sliver in the battery gauge really stresses me out when I see it. It draws up all kinds of involuntary feelings of panic.

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