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Driving in to Buildings
Published on Sunday, March 2, 2014 by

People driving their cars in to buildings.  This has become an epidemic in Hampton Roads.  Every few weeks there is a new car vs. building post.  Locals are crashing in to restaurants, stores…. and yes, even a car dealership.

At some point I “liked” the local news station WVEC on Facebook.  I believe it was for a car giveaway.  How ironic.  Perhaps it is good I didn’t win the car, as I may have crashed it in to a building by now.

I certainly sympathize with those involved, whether they are the crashers or the crashees.  But gosh darnit, I can’t tell you how much I have laughed at the comments people leave on Facebook regarding these crashes.  People are so BAD.  I certainly wouldn’t want to glorify their bad behavior, say… in a blog post.  Am I right?

First there was the elderly woman who crashed in to a restaurant.

restaurant car crash

funny facebook comments

Then there was the car that ran in to the Checkered Flag car dealership.

checkered flag car crashsticker shockcheckered flag accidentelderly driving
There have been more, including one in which an acquaintance of mine is friends with the driver.  Call it a brush with fame?  But the one that generated the comment that made me laugh out loud was the infamous 7-11 slammer.

7-11 car crash

texting and driving

Stay safe folks, and steer clear of large buildings.  Even you, Kevin Carlson!

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