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Don’t Forget To Play!
Published on Sunday, September 23, 2012 by



Those are the sounds of bombs flying through the air before landing in grand explosions.  That’s how you spell it, right?  How many of you will actually say it aloud to figure it out?  Because if you do, I love you.

I’m here to remind you – yes, YOU – to never EVER forget to play.

Two weeks ago, my daughter and I found ourselves alone at the beach house for an entire weekend.  I can’t remember the last time she and I were away, alone, mom and daughter.

Many adventures were had, and several creative meals were prepared and enjoyed.  Breakfast, for instance?  Well, it WAS girls weekend!

Cookes and bacon

The beach was once again limited to play only.  Rip currents and wind are forever keeping us from the ocean’s waves.  So what were we to do?

“Mom, I know!  Let’s make a dam for the tide pools!”

I’m going to be honest.  My initial response?  “Oh honey, we don’t even have a shovel and the tide pool is huge.  With the damage I have from the accident, I’m not sure I can even lift wet sand.  I just don’t know…”

But then?  I scooped.  And then I scooped some more.  And about twenty minutes later, my girl and I had the baddest dam on the beach.  Make that the ONLY dam on the beach.  (No one else gave a dam?)

From there we began the construction of soon to be destroyed dribble castles.  And bombs.  We had to make tons of wet sand bombs.

dribble sand towers

And then the war began.

First my daughter was allowed to shoot.  Then me.  And then her.  Required?    When you threw your bomb you had to go,


It just made it BETTER.

beach games

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.  There I was, covered in sand and splatter, no makeup with hair flying in every direction, throwing sand bombs while making explosion noises at the top of my lungs.  Honestly, I didn’t care who was watching and what they saw.  All I cared about was hitting those targets.

Ask yourself, “when is the last time I really stopped to play?”  It’s time to crank your stereo and dance until you can’t breathe.  To sing outloud somewhere other than your car.  To join the game of hide and seek going on in your back yard.  To bake fresh chocolate chip cookies and bacon for breakfast.

It’s time to play folks.  Don’t forget to PLAY!

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  • Chocolate chip cookies and bacon. Love it. What great fun you and your daughter had. But I think you need to put on a few pounds.

    • Yea, I’ve been feeling a little STICKY lately! (awww haw haw!) 🙂

  • Ron

    Katherine, what a faaaaaaaaaabulous post!

    OMG…you had me laughing my arse off! I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your photos and how you add stuff to them. Brilliant! Bacon and chocolate chip cookies – sounds like an awesome breakfast to me. Two of my favorite things to eat!

    “I’m here to remind you – yes, YOU – to never EVER forget to play.”

    I TOTALLY agree! I’m one of those people who PLAYS everyday. For me, being playful makes life so much more enjoyable because life is too serious NOT to take time to play!

    I have a feeling if you and I lived closer to one another, we would have a BLAST!


    • Ron, you read my mind… that is nuts. As I was reading your comment I was honestly thinking, “If I lived near Ron, he would SO be my friend,” and then I saw your part about how we would have a blast together if we lived closer. SO COOL. You have an energy and sense of humor that I LOVE. One day I KNOW we will end up in the same area and meet! Oh, are you aware of the new photo challenge starting Oct 1? You interested or is posting every day too much? I thought of you since your pictures are so amazing!

      • Ron

        “As I was reading your comment I was honestly thinking, “If I lived near Ron, he would SO be my friend,”

        Ditto, girl! And yes, I know that one day we will meet too!

        Thanks so much for letting me know about the photo challenge, but yes, posting every day (especially now, since I’m moving into my busy time at work) would be too much. But, again, thanks for letting me know. Maybe next time.


  • Oh!! I love that you and your daughter had alone time together. That’s sooo special. Also, I am digging that breakfast!

    Bombing the dam? TOTALLY SUPER AWESOME

    • Honestly, it was a BLAST. Darn, didn’t mean the pun, but it was. Just being able to forget for a moment that you are an adult… going back in time to when all you did was stay outside and make up games… it was AWESOME!

  • Mel


    I love it! But I’m one who adores playing….and I ain’t afraid to admit it!
    So bring on the sand bombs with sound effects! Bring on the sidewalk chalk and the bubbles and the bacon and chocolate chip cookies!! (k……bacon notsomuch…..LOL)

    I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!
    And the mini teen musta had a BLAST!

    You’re the BOMB! 😀 Pun intended.

    • Ha ha BOMB! “I getttt ittttt!” Good one! So you need to come visit when it gets warm again… we will make one heck of a dam, build up a ton of sand bombs and maybe I can convince you to be on my side so we can dominate the kid! Mwahhh haaaaa haaaaaa!

  • We had bacon for dinner last night. And some pancakes. Because the baby girl wanted that. She’s 11, I’m tightly wrapped around her finger, and a total treat to be around.

    Make bacon. I can do that . . .

    • BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! MY FAVORITE! Did you hear there is a predicted bacon shortage? People were talking about it at work. What will we do with our eleven year old bacon girls!

  • Small Town Mommy

    Now I want chocolate chip cookies and bacon. It sounds like an amazing combination. I’m glad you both got some time to bond and have fun (and to bomb).

  • In July, some friends and I spontaneously stopped into a club where that was a fabulous R & B band playing and I danced till I was dripping in sweat. I need to do stuff like that more often. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Good for you! How wonderful that you had some girl time with your daughter and that you really got to let loose and have fun. I’m sure that will be a favourite memory for both of you for years to come!

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