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Shoot Me NowDon’t You Just Love A Good Thunderstorm?

Don’t You Just Love A Good Thunderstorm?
Published on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by

flash flooding

Today after work I had to go home, pick up one of the boys, race to Mom’s house (25 minutes of traffic later) to print the physical forms, make it through the beginning of a thunderstorm and in to a doc in the box (with lightening crashing all around us) for his scout camp physical (pant pant pant)…

…. and the heavens opened up.  Lightening crashing, sideways rain and flash flooding.  Because we were INSIDE it was exciting and beautiful.

Big Storm from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

Do you like thunderstorms?  Or do they send you in to a corner with a blanket over your head?

mom blog

  • I adore a good thunder storm. Unfortunately, Harry does not. He whimpers and has folded his 90 pound self into a shelf in the linen closet when one occurs. He also insists on sitting on me or under me while he shakes and slobbers dramatically. Honey, on the other hand, lifts her head to see what's going on, and goes right back to sleep. She's just not easily impressed.

    • Funny! Both of my dalmatians have been afraid of thunder and fireworks. But my co-worker's standard poodle BEGS to go out in storms… he runs around and goes crazy barking with joy. I told her that her dog is a robot.

  • “Do you like thunderstorms? Or do they send you in to a corner with a blanket over your head?”

    Oh I love a good storm – as long as I am NOT driving in it!

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