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The Money Shot
Published on Monday, May 23, 2016 by

How many times have you seen a picture that stopped you in your tracks?  One that was perfectly timed, capturing a moment that is not often seen, much less caught in a photograph?  I think every photographer dreams of that single once in a lifetime shot.

This weekend I had my chance.


I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to take a picture of a dolphin jumping out of the water.  In Corolla they are usually far away.  If you are lucky enough to see them close they are often swimming underwater feeding on schools of menhaden.

To see one jump?  Amazing.  To capture it in a photo?  Almost unheard of.  After all, you don’t even know where they will come out of the water, IF they are going to jump at all.

When I have my camera on the beach I keep it in sports mode and on burst.  This enables me to get some pretty decent pictures of wildlife either swimming or flying by.

Camera?  Beach?  Not a good combination.  My zoom lens has sand in it.  This makes it a struggle to focus, much less take a picture. Sometimes I will push the button and the camera doesn’t even take a picture.  But if I kept my zoom lens safe and sound in the house, what is the point of even having one?

Back to my missed shot.   We were walking on the beach after dinner and noticed a lone surfer pretty far out.  My son asked me to take a picture so we could zoom in to see who it was.  I manipulated my camera, working as hard as I could to get it to focus.  I pushed the button, only to hear silence. When I pushed again I heard a click, but no burst mode.  That is when I saw it.

The minute my camera went “click,” a dolphin flew out of a wave, arching completely out of the water before splashing back in.  If my lens had worked correctly I would have had a spectacular series of shots.  A sunset, a surfer and a dolphin slowly emerging out of a wave, flying up to the sky and back down in to the water.

corolla dolphin

dolphin fin

obx jumping dolphin

It hurts to look at that picture.  IT JUST HURTS!


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  • That is so disappointing….and frustrating. Hopefully, at some point in the future the stars will align and you’ll get the perfect picture.

  • Well you missed the shot, but you got some great blog fodder. That counts for something right?

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • Ron

    Katherine, the same thing frustrating thing has happened to me, so I understand. Living in a city, I’ve spotted some really great images of people/cars/ buses/cabs/ moving in quick action and missed the shots! I’ve gotten lucky a few times when I had my camera in-hand and the lens cap off, and was able to snap a nice shot but those have been very few. It happens to me a lot in a city like New York, where everything is moving so fast that it’s very hard to get action shots.

    I love how you edited that last picture. You are SOOOOOOOO clever!

    Hope you’re having a super week, my friend!

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