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Doin’ the Bump!
Published on Monday, November 19, 2007 by

Disco BallA memory burned in to my brain.  Seventh grade.  My first dance, held in the cafeteria.  Low lights, disco ball, great music. 

Then a boy actually asked me to dance!  Do you remember the song, “The Bump?”  Face it, it was great at the time…. so off we go, weaving through the crowd to the middle of the floor.  “Doin’ the bump!” (bump one…)  “Doin’ the bump!”  (bump two…)  Doin’ the bump! (POOT!) 

YES!  On the third bump I passed gas!!!  He literally stopped in mid-bump, stared at me and walked away.  There I stood, alone in the middle of a sea of dancing teenie boppers… mortified!

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  • Pie

    I was in 7th grade French and had to sneeze. I could not hold it any longer and as I sneezed….well at any other time I would have been proud of that fart….I ended up getting detention for disrupting the class. I had the same instructor when I was a H.S. freshman and the first day of class she pulled me aside before class and warned me about class disruptions. At first I was worried that she had it in for me but I saw the smile begin to take over her face and we both started laughing uncontrollably….

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