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Life Without My Iphone
Published on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by

Something dangerous has been entering my home.  So dangerous that my dog considers it life threatening.  SO life threatening that Moon has killed THREE of them already.  THREE.

broken lightening cable

Who could have known just how dangerous a lightning cable could be?!

red heeler mix

So for now, I am Iphone-less.  Yes, people… you heard right.  No Words with Friends.  No Scramble.  No Facebook, Email or Instagram.  No texting.  NO STUPID CANDY CRUSH!

Oh yea and of course… no phone calls.  I think that is what Iphones are for?  Indeed, roaming Hampton Roads with no means to contact my children or mother has thrown me for a loop.  (How can I possibly discuss the most dramatic bachelorette season EVER with my Mom!)

As far as the apps… I feel a bit liberated.  Mixed with a bit of panic over not being able to instantly reach those I love.  And texting.  Oh my GOSH do I miss texting.

But sure enough, I’m absolutely liberated.

I’ve ordered a new lightning cable, free shipping.  From very far away.  It will be more than a week before my fingers can happily dance across my apple screen again.

For the moment, Moon is happy that our home is safe from those dangerous, life threatening cables.  Little does he know his job is far from done.

If you were without your Droid or Iphone, what would you miss the most?

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  • Be proud of him! He was protecting you!

    Heh, they’re dumb, aren’t they? We love ’em, mind =)

    • Protecting me yes…. but now I know if robbers come in and they wave an iphone lightning cable in front of him, he will let them take stuff for sure. Darn that dog! (actually he is the love of our lives… but DARN that dog!)

  • Mel

    GOOD puppy!! (might wanna put that on the counter outta reach?)
    Oh–and what a nice reprieve. But I would miss the ability to text, which is awful darn convenient for those of us who don’t like to talk on the phone.
    LOL It’s a one sided conversation and I like it. :-/

    • Would you believe we hide the charger and the phone up and behind so many things… but somehow something weird ALWAYS happens and he gets it. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! But I love him so I forgave him. I just got a new charger today. And I LOVE being able to text…. of course I hope my kids will talk on the phone to people when they are grown, being raised in the texting age!

  • I am seriously addicted to my Iphone. I am not kidding…addicted. I would miss everything except the phone calls. I think it might be nice if people couldn’t reach me for a week or so. But I would miss the emails, texts, and blogs. Luckily my home computer would fill in the gap.

    BTW Moon is darling.

    • I tried to do blogs on my phone and my comments just never work so I just use the laptop. And mine is an iphone too… I am just so bad at typing… blame me and not the phone! I missed using my camera and my texting the most… oh and facebook!

  • Ron

    OMG Katherine, this is just too-too weird because ALL last week, I had NO phone service and intermittent Internet service. Verizon eventually discovered that in one of the cable boxes underground (because of all the heat and humidity we had had for 9 days straight) it had screwed up something. I didn’t have service for almost SEVEN days and thought I was going to go out of my mind, so I know exactly how you feel. I got so frustrated one day that I had to just leave my apartment and take a long walk because I it was really getting to me.

    What bothered me most about this was not that I didn’t have phone service (because I’m not really a phone person), but it was more about not having Internet service.

    “Isn’t it something how addicted and dependent we’ve become on phones and the Internet?”

    It’s almost like we’ve lost contact with the world.

    However, Verizon did promise that we would be credited for all the days we did not have service – whew!

    P.S. what a great photo of Moon!!!!

    • Guess what? I GOT A CHARGER TODAY! You know what I don’t think I mentioned but I found I missed the most? Having a “camera” everywhere I go… I missed a few blog pictures… !

      Glad Verizon figured out your problem. I used to have Verizon internet and every time it rained I would lose internet… made me crazy!

  • the longest I can go without my iPhone is 24 hours – after that – I would totally freak out!

  • Munir

    You have a great dog! But I wouldn’t want my dog chewing my iphone wires. I need my phone, specially now that I have launched a new business. Being a short sale realtor in Miami needs to have a phone all the time.

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