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Life Without My Iphone
Published on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by

Something dangerous has been entering my home.  So dangerous that my dog considers it life threatening.  SO life threatening that Moon has killed THREE of them already.  THREE.

broken lightening cable

Who could have known just how dangerous a lightning cable could be?!

red heeler mix

So for now, I am Iphone-less.  Yes, people… you heard right.  No Words with Friends.  No Scramble.  No Facebook, Email or Instagram.  No texting.  NO STUPID CANDY CRUSH!

Oh yea and of course… no phone calls.  I think that is what Iphones are for?  Indeed, roaming Hampton Roads with no means to contact my children or mother has thrown me for a loop.  (How can I possibly discuss the most dramatic bachelorette season EVER with my Mom!)

As far as the apps… I feel a bit liberated.  Mixed with a bit of panic over not being able to instantly reach those I love.  And texting.  Oh my GOSH do I miss texting.

But sure enough, I’m absolutely liberated.

I’ve ordered a new lightning cable, free shipping.  From very far away.  It will be more than a week before my fingers can happily dance across my apple screen again.

For the moment, Moon is happy that our home is safe from those dangerous, life threatening cables.  Little does he know his job is far from done.

If you were without your Droid or Iphone, what would you miss the most?

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