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People Food, Right?
Published on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by

You may recall my post about cooking up a batch of chicken feet.  The snipping of the claws.  The volcano of oil.  The first bite.  Tastes like chicken!

Imagine my surprise this weekend at coming across the very thing I cooked and ate two months before.  However, I wasn’t in a fancy Asian restaurant.  I was at the pet store… and the chicken feet were in a dog treat bin.

dog chicken feet

So did I cook and eat dog food, or are they giving the dogs people food?  DON’T answer that!

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  • Does anyone actually see those – and by anyone I mean, even a dog – and say, mmmhmmm, chicken feet. Got to get me some of those.

    • That is a GOOD question. I bet some dogs go crazy for them! I was afraid to get them because of the claws. Even after having cooked them, I didn’t want to pick up the dog chicken feet!

  • My dad and my grandmother would have loved you because of your choices of recreation and food. I love you in spite of them. 😀

    • You have ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY with this comment. It was both a proud moment and laugh out loud hysterical!!!!!!!

      I’m actually not bad at all… my son in his day has shot and killed NEIGHBORHOOD RABBITS AND SQUIRRELS and eaten them. THAT IS NUTS!!!!

      • Hunting and eating rabbits and squirrels is definitely a below the Mason-Dixon line thing. So is skinning and making hats and other stuff out of squirrel hide. That completely confuses me.

        I wasn’t suggesting you’re odd in any way, in fact quite the opposite. My dad’s mom found a way to use every part of a critter for food, as did my dad. He was a sportsman and I think he was most happy when he was fishing. I loved going on fishing trips with him because it was so peaceful. I never acquired a taste for fish or seafood so I was a catch and release fishing buddy. I’m grateful he thought hunting was for males because I simply wouldn’t have had the stomach for killing even as a kid.

  • Ron

    “So did I cook and eat dog food, or are they giving the dogs people food? DON’T answer that!”

    HA! Well, I guess it’s delicacy for BOTH!

    But OMG…it’s those NAILS that freak me out!!!


    • Ron, clipping those nails before cooking them made me TOTALLY freaked out. They were like holding baby fingers!! AHHHH!

  • That’s OK, we all make questionable choices from time to time. They do kinda creep me out.

    • I don’t think I would ever make them again… however if a REAL cook made them and someone else got them, I might try one. 🙂

  • MalisaHargrove

    I understand that chicken feet are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. I’ve seen travel shows with the adventurous host chowing down and raving about their crunchy goodness. I often wondered if the host spit and gagged when the camera turns off. My dog hasn’t been given chicken feet. Just something too spooky about the way they look. Does you dog like them?

    • Malisa, I didn’t get any…. those claws make me nervous… I would be afraid they wouldn’t chew them all the way and get hurt. It was surprising to see them in the pet store. They really are EWWWWWWWWW!

  • I’ve eaten chicken feet in Chinese restaurants because I didn’t want to insult my Chinese host. They are actually pretty innocuous I think. I don’t like what they look like and I would not give them to my dogs. My dogs like organic chicken breasts with brown rice. They are fairly particular about what they put in their mouths. (Except for the bird poop, you know.)

    • You know what kills me? When my dog turns down some kind of healthy bit of food and then goes and eats out of the cat box!!!

  • Totally grosses me out. And I’m not even a dog.

  • The only feet I eat are crab feet (and their legs). I cannot even fathom eating chicken feet.

  • ReformingGeek

    How big were those chickens?


    • You know what, I didn’t think about that… those suckers are huge!

  • * runs away screaming *

  • EWWWW! I hope Henry doesn’t develop a liking for those!

  • I second Paula’s EWWWWW…those just creep me out.

  • KZ

    Speaking as a Chinese dude, I just wanted to say that chicken feet are delicious if you prepare them properly. Having said that, I have to admit that picture is truly horrifying.

  • So did I cook and eat dog food, or are they giving the dogs people food? DON’T answer that!


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