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Published on Sunday, September 22, 2013 by

My daughter invited a friend to the beach house this weekend.  On the drive down, I brought up today’s photo challenge subject “Frustration.”  Each girl had a wonderful idea and wanted to be part of the challenge.  So today, I will be submitting my own photo, my daughter’s photo and her friend’s as well.  The girls are so creative!

Lainy’s Idea of Frustration:

tangled headphones

Lizzy’s Idea of Frustration:

needle and thread

My idea of Frustration, Through Moon’s Eyes:

Corolla beach house

Here… let me explain:

dog and wild hare

mom blog

  • Aw… poor Moon! Henry would be so frustrated, too! Love that you incorporated the girls’ ideas as well. (I’m with Lizzy on the needle and thread, which becomes even more frustrating with aging eyes.)

  • Ron

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Katherine, these are all GREAT frustration examples. And it’s so funny because the other day, my head phone wires got all tangled (like the ones in your photo) and it was sooooo frustrating. Also, it takes me FOREVER to thread a needle because my close up vision is getting so weak. And even with my reading glasses, I still find it frustrating.

    Have a super Sunday, girl!

  • Jump, Moon, jump!

  • I figured out the trick to threading a needle. Buy a new shirt. You hit the nail on the head.

  • Very interesting. How many of us have had half a conversation with someone with ear buds before we knew it.

    • Tami Von Zalez

      Now THAT is frustrating!

  • Three terrific photos of three terrific examples of frustration! Really nifty shot of Lizzy with needle and thread (which is becoming more and more frustrating to me as the tiny cataracts in my eyes are messing with my vision but aren’t big enough to remove). You are a sweetie for adding the girls’ ideas in with yours . . . er . . . Moon’s.

  • Oh! Threading a needle – my nightmare. You can feel the frustration of Moon 🙂

  • A) I’m jealous that I didn’t get to go to the beach. B) I love everyone’s ideas! That’s what makes this challenge fun to me!

  • ReformingGeek

    Great ideas! I have to use a needle threader for my older eyes. Poor Moon!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    I could almost hear Moon whining – that is what Zipper does when she spots any critters.

  • It’s awesome that you got the kids involved! They came up with some great stuff.

  • All three are great examples of “frustration”. I bet Moon thinks his frustration is the winner.

  • Oh yes, the first two photos just make me itch with frustration! And I can practically see Moon vibrating with frustration. Awesome job, Katherine and the girls. 🙂

  • Jackal

    Brilliant examples

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Isn’t it funny how different things frustrate different people (not to mention dogs)? I am frustrated at my husband’s habit of leaving the dog dishes balanced upside down over the cloakroom taps when he’s washed them, and he’s frustrated by my habit of leaving them to soak inside each other. He leaves them to soak side by side, taking up so much more space!

  • Oh, yes. I am totally with Lizzy’s Idea of Frustration. It takes FOREVER to thread a darn needle!

  • I swear headphones get tangled on their own without any help from external forces. It’s weird.

  • hahahahaha – Poor Moon. Thanks for the visual aid.

  • The last one is fantastic. But all, I can see, can create frustration.

  • All of those are true in our house except you would have to replace the rabbit with a deer for my dog.

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