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Today I Saw A Man About A Dog
Published on Monday, June 14, 2010 by

That would be MY dog.  And that man would be the vet.  An amazing vet at an amazing clinic, Pet Care Veterinary Hospital of Tidewater.  I would never trust my pets to anyone else!

dog allergies

Off to the Vet!

Dottie was thrown over a pound fence late at night in Georgia.  She was covered in scars from what looked like regular abuse.  The lovely woman who ran the rescue called them her “scars of life.”  She had very little fur and her skin was in bad shape.  I fell in love with her and adopted her within a month.  DOTS brought her to me.  DOTS?  Dalmatian Overland Transport Service.  Amazing folks.

I soon found she had a flea allergy, seasonal allergies and is allergic to chicken.  My kids had food intolerances so why not my dog, right?  Actually I feel she was put in my hands for this very reason.  I knew food allergies and discovered within a few days that she needed special food and care.

Dottie is fine in the winter, but as the weather warms she begins to develop bumps under her fur and the occasional hot spot.  I have to be diligent with flea medicine to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Over the last week Dottie has gone downhill.  She has open sores, a red paw and terribly itchy skin.  Did you know that as dogs age their allergies can become worse?  I know that now!

dog allergies

I borrowed some money for a vet visit and took her in after work.  Two hundred and fifteen dollars later, she is now on antibiotics and steroids.  If those don’t clear her up, we go further down the road with a more specialized treatment plan.

I made a promise when I rescued her that she would have an amazing last half of her life.  I will pay back tonight’s money and find a way to continue any treatment she needs.

In the meantime, my dog is on steroids.  I dare any robber to even LOOK at my house.  I DOUBLE DOG DARE THEM!

super dog

mom blog

  • A dog on steroids? Wow! It's super Dottie to the rescue! Hope she's back to her healthy self soon.

    • Thank you! I am interested in the side effects from it. When I am on steroids I practically tear down and reconstruct my house, I'm up all night and one time I got really cranky. The vet told me she would drink and eat a LOT so I've told the kids to watch her dishes all day AND to watch the door in case she has to go out. She got on the bed last night for the first time in a week so I think they are already working. She probably FLEW up there!

  • I have two big galoots, Honey and Harry. Honey was about 5 when we got her and very scarred up. She's a pit bull – german shepherd mix and the light of my life! She has a lot of problems with her hips and is on medicine all the time. Such a love of a girl! Harry is a big lab pit bull mix and we call him “Agent Orange”. He's a goof and always makes me smile. Your girl is gorgeous! And I know you spoil her rotten. Yeah, we have two PPU's (Personal protection units) and robbers don't mess with our house either. Honey is about 80 pounds and Harry is about 90. Vet care is so expensive, but what are you going to do?

    • It's like your children – they are sick, you take them to the doctor. If only she was covered under my insurance ha ha! Your dogs are really NEAT mixes! Do you have any pix online?

      I didn't even think about the size of the dog vs the expense until yesterday. They said, “If we put her on medicine A, it will be 200 a month. Of course if she was smaller it would be much more doable.” DOH! But I would not trade my baby for the world. And you are right.

      I pray she doesn't remember her past life. She is VERY much the queen of the house – even sleeps on my bed! 🙂

      • Honey and Harry are spoiled rotten, but very good pups. I do have photos of both of them and Harry did a couple of “guest blogs” called “Hump Day With Harry”. I'll try and email them to you. I'm sure Dot thinks in the present, because that's how dogs are built. Harry was returned to the Night Drop Box at the Shelter 3 times. I guess people thought he was a throw away dog. Damn!

  • You will be blessed forever and ever for taking in an abused creature.

    What a noble promise.

    And now you have superdog! I know how costly this dog care can be. I have 2 puppies and every time we go, I wince at the costs.

    I am sending good wishes to you and your pup for a healthy rest of his life.

    • Thank you! I am happy to report she is a NEW DOG after two days of antibiotics and steroids! It was worth EVERY CENT!

  • I have a post on March 9th, by Harry, also on the 16th and the 24th of March. Honey's photo is also on the “Let's Play a Game” post of the 24th.

  • Oh! Poor Dottie! But she sure looks awesome in her super hero cape!

    • She has been flying ever since I put it on LOL! Actually she has been DRINKING WATER at an unbelievable pace. Steroids are a crazy thing!

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