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Does That Make Me Crazy?
Published on Thursday, June 10, 2010 by

make me crazy

Lately I’ve heard many radio stations participate in a “Does That Make Me Crazy” hour.  People call in and reveal something they do that others say is crazy.  They play the Crazy song and decide if this person is indeed bonkers.

Today callers admitted to the following behaviors:

  • Picking pebbles out of the car tires because the person “hears” them as he drives.
  • Looking through every straw before using them for drinks.
  • Feeding the dog at the table. Make that, the dog EATS at his own place setting at the table!
  • Raising her feet when driving over railroad tracks.
  • Only drinking water from a particular blue cup.
  • Holding her breath when walking through a doorway.

Now, we all know I lost my marbles a long time ago.  But I was thinking.  Do any of my own idiosyncrasies make me a certifiable lunatic?  You be the judge:

  • If my clothes get really wet I get claustrophobic and feel like I am trapped.  Bathing suits are fine – it’s the long sleeved clothes that get me.
  • I throw salt over my shoulder every time I cook with it.  EVERY time.  AND I’ve taught my daughter that, who thinks it is totally cool.
  • I won’t use a knife on basil because it is “bad luck.”
  • I hold my breath and lift my feet when crossing a state border.
  • Dare I tell you this one?  If I hit something really hard by accident, like a chair, I ummm… pat it and think, “I’m sorry!”
  • After I get gas I pat my car’s dashboard as a thank you for keeping me safe and getting me to the gas station on time.  My kids think I am insane for doing this.
  • You KNOW that if you sneeze your soul comes out, right?  Right??  And that you have to do the sign of the cross so the devil won’t steal it?  And that if you do it in public everyone will think you are crazy?  This was my belief as a child.  You know, all those Catholic school kid playground stories, right?  So to this day, if I sneeze I will absent-mindedly make a little cross with my finger.

So, does that make me crazy?

And now the best part.  Are YOU crazy?  Oh I do hope so, for my own personal selfish reasons.  Come on, give me the scoop.  What do YOU do that people think is crazy!

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  • Jer

    I honk the horn when I go under a bridge. My Dad used to do it, so when I went off to college I did it on the drive there. Not sure why, but I do it!

  • I throw salt over my shoulder too, but only if I spill it. I think it's nice that you apologize to inanimate objects and thank your car. I feel downright rude now.

  • I lift my feet when I drive over train tracks. I have my special fork that I MUST eat with. At work, I have to straighten the telephones in the lobby after people have used them and they are slightly crooked. I do crossword puzzles in ink, and all the letters must be capitals.

    I think I should stop now before I cross the line from “does that make me crazy” to “why has she been certified already?”.

  • These are great! Much like the person who only drinks water from a particular blue cup, I only drink ALL of my beverages at home out of my glass mason jar and with a straw!

    • I'm like that. I had a very special coffee mug that was about 20 years old. A guy I dated bought it for himself and kept it at my place. Funny thing is he never stayed over and we only dated for a week or so. So I always thought of it as my “Liam Mug.” I ALWAYS had my morning coffee out of it. Then about a month ago I broke it. I am back to my old pottery mug from college, but it just isn't the same!

      • Yeah, I don't know what it is about getting attached to cups!

  • Aww Katharine, we are soul-crazy mates. I say 'sorry' to inanimate objects after stubbing my toe on them too. I say 'hi doggy dog' and wave at strange dogs who are just minding their own business.

    • I even say “excuse me” to my own dog…. !!! So either I'm not crazy or you ARE crazy, just like me… let's flip a coin. And then apologize to it if it hits the ground!

      • lol. you re funny Katharine!
        I said hi doggy dog to another strange one yesterday. then I remembered this post AND said sorry to the dog?. and walked away quickly before someone thinks its their civic duty to take me to a hospital!

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