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Shoot Me NowDoes a Bear… or is it When a Tree?

Does a Bear… or is it When a Tree?
Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by

bear shits in the woods

If a blogger misses her regular postings, can you hear her poop in the woods when she falls down?  I don’t know, something like that.

Rather than give you a clever story or embarrassing moment, I’m just going to tell you where I’ve been!  Jail?  Nope.  Hospital?  Nah.  Life has been changing, and my blog temporarily became the poor stepchild.

My oldest is out of the house, living The Life in Corolla while he works at the surf shop.  What did he do today?  Went body boarding along with four surfers in the ice-cold ocean of April.  He was the first of us in the water this year.  I am jealous, yet delighted.  He and I are truly cut from the same mold.

Because he is gone, I now have to leave work and go directly to the school to pick up my daughter.  Once I get her home and change, it is an hour later than I was previously enjoying.  Three nights a week, I head to the gym.  Add laundry, dinners, lunches, uniforms, animals, homework and more to equal a very late bedtime.

Then there is the pain.  It is back, stronger than ever.  My physical therapy appointments have become a bit discombobulated; making me feel like the accident was only a week ago.  The last I heard?  One of my ribs is jacked up.  Today I turned to a co-worker and made an involuntary noise from the pain.  Ugh.

My daughter and I have been working on her room.  It is clean, floors waxed and knickknacks removed.  Guess who waxed the floor?  Guess who also taped, cut in and rolled her ceiling?  My 12 year old daughter.  I am doing everything I can to teach her independence.  Along with her beautiful choice of feminine bedding, she chose this for her wall.  THAT is my GIRL.


This weekend my two other kids and the dog are packing up and traveling to see one very missed member of our family.  It will be raining all day Saturday, but no matter.  We will all be together.

I’m back and happy to be here.  Happy to see you.  And can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

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