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Deva Cut, Take Three
Published on Thursday, June 23, 2016 by

You may recall my first Devacurl Deva Cut.  What a horrible flop.  Since then I changed to the head (and more expensive) (and more experienced) stylist.  Things have worked out better since then.

Ever since my son’s month in the hospital, or his “heart shenanigans” as he calls it, my hair has become even more of a mess.  First of all, I have a streak of white that has decided to plant itself right in the middle of my gray.  Stress does that.  To make things worse I am losing hair as a result of the stress I experienced from the intensive care unit to open heart surgery.

Top it all off with the fact that my hair is stupid, frizzy, dry and doesn’t take to any products that other curly haired girls love.  Even Deva Curl lotions and potions look amazing in the salon but instantly frizz me by the time I get home.

This month I decided I had enough of the gray roots and moppy hair.  It was time to treat myself to a dye and a devacut.  Something I only allow myself once a year.  Too bad all this curly haired beauty only lasts until I get home!

These clips are ESSENTIAL to a good curly hair style.  They are pretty much the ONLY thing from Devacurl that works on me.  I have bags of them ALL over my house.

devacurl hair clips

Here is the finished product.  But wait… there is a rogue bit of frizz already starting on the bottom right!  I better take one more picture before I turn back in to a pumpkin!

devacurl deva cut

I sent this picture to my fellow curly haired friend and wrote, “Look at it now because you will never see it like this again!”

deva cut after

I always try to enjoy the moment.  And in this case, I had to do it quickly.  Because my hair?  Well….

frizzy curly hair

Curly hair isn’t a hairstyle… it’s a lifestyle!

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