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Dem Bones, Dem Bones
Published on Saturday, May 28, 2011 by

How many of you have regurgitated mouse bones on the table?  Raise your hands… anyone?   No?   Am I really the only one?

What could be cooler than dissecting owl pellets?  That is exactly what my daughter was able to do this week.  She couldn’t wait to show me all of her treasures.

As I unloaded the car, she sat busily setting up her display for me.  Mouse ribs here, a few skulls there, perhaps a bird beak or two on top… feathers to the side.

And Voila!

owl pellets

owl poop bones

mouse skull

Looking at her exhibit, I see she may one day become an archeologist.  Or perhaps a forensic scientist, zoologist or serial killer surgeon.

If I was at home, you can bet I would have created my own display including Barbie, a knife and perhaps some catchup.  Sadly, I don’t have a Barbie on hand.  But you get the gist.

bloody barbie

funny barbie

mom blog

  • Oh, no!! Killer Barbie got blood splatter on her white coat, purse, and even in her hair! Bleach will get that out and she’ll be killer blonder!

  • “How many of you have defecated mouse bones on the table?”What a great first line, because it can be taken two ways…um, no, by the way, I’ve never pooped out mouse bones on the table. Ewwww. 😉

  • Please tell me this was a school project! 🙂

    • Please tell me this was NOT a school project!

  • We used to cut up dead frogs in Biology, but that was in high school.  Pretty gross.  Those bones are amazing.  She’s obviously interested in them and that’s so good!  Just maybe, you’ve got one of those rare children who doesn’t scoff at science and math.  She might even be able to get a job that isn’t ‘pro-bono” after college! This is not the first time you’ve mentioned her intellectual scientific curiosity! 

  • amazing pics :)) go barbie go

  • Do they still sell Serial Killer Barbie?

    Anyway, what I’m not clear on is how your daughter “acquired” said artifacts. Did someone (or something) regurgitate them? Or did her science teacher hand her a bag of stuff to sort out? Or what?

  • I have a friend who is really into owl pellets (don’t ask).  At least you had that cloth protecting your table.  That just looks germy.

  • ewwwww!!!!

  • Ron

    OMG…those last two photos CRACKED ME UP!!!!!
    Hilarious, Katherine!

  • That photo of Barbie is hysterical!   I’ve always thought she had a dark side and now my fears are confirmed.   

  • Your Barbie is a page out of a Stephen King Novel. Nothing like family fun!

  • As grossed out (and laughing) as I am now, the skulls and bones took me back to biology class. I think I was 12. Never too young to wield a scalpel.

  • Haha, very interesting pics.

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