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Published on Saturday, February 26, 2011 by

dead like me seriesLast Friday:

  • Daughter starts with a cough, leading to a temperature over 101 that remains for 3 days, despite Tylenol.


  • Middle son starts a cough.  The fever follows within hours.  Child number two down.
  • I start to cough.  Then comes the fever.
  • Cough all night.
  • Miss work.  Oh NO.


  • Prostrate on the couch. Three of us.  Ugh.
  • Hallucinating, I fix my daughter’s lunch for the next day and get her uniform together.
  • Cough all night.
  • Miss work.  Oh NO.


  • Hallucinating still, with a continued fever, I drive my daughter to school.  Repeat each day.  Fever, shaking, dizzy, driving.  Good times.
  • My mother does pick- ups and brings me Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee each day.  She is my savior.
  • Cough all night.
  • Miss work.  Oh NO.


  • Fever so bad I am shaking in bed.  Drive with fever to the doctor.  I have the flu, despite my flu shot.  Of course.
  • Mother takes son to doctor.  Nebulizers prescribed.  Did I mention my mother is my savior?
  • When will this fever end?!  Can you overdose on Tylenol, aspirin and Motrin?  Because I’m eating the stuff like candy.
  • By Thursday night I know I am suffering from yet another sinus infection paired with the flu.  Oh YEA.
  • Cough all night.
  • Miss work.  Oh NO.


  • Middle son goes back to school.
  • Daughter stays home, AGAIN.
  • Oldest son wakes up and reports, “Mom, I feel HORRIBLE.”  Oldest stays home.
  • Miss work.  Oh NO.
  • I call my doctor in tears.  “I have a sinus infection.  I NEED an antibiotic. “ Cry some more.  What does the sun look like?  I’ve forgotten.
  • Doctor calls in prescription.  I cry over that.  Funny how shaking with a fever for five days makes you a tiny bit emotional.
  • Pick up son and prescription, hallucinating, with a fever.  Consider chugging entire bottle and washing it down with a shot of Jack Daniels.  Realize this is a.) not healthy and b.) I don’t have any Jack Daniels.

Can you get the flu after getting a flu shot?  Oh YEA you can.  Only my family would catch the flu that was NOT included in the shot.  We are good like that.

Today is Saturday and my throat is on fire, my head is spinning and two of my kids are still asleep at 11:24.  I cleaned up the kitchen counter and sat back down when the world started spinning.  Is there an end to this, because I certainly do not see it.

The only thing, other than my mother, that has saved me this week is my neighbor’s video collection.  The beginning of the week had a disaster theme.  The new Poseidon, A Perfect Storm, Twister and a movie about an epidemic.  The end was my favorite – a box collection of Dead Like Me.

I don’t have cable, so Dead Like Me was brand new.  And I am officially hooked.  How this series ended after only two seasons when shows like Cougar Town continue, I will never know.  With the F-Bomb flying continuously, I can’t watch it with my daughter in the house.  But the times she’s been with friends I have indulged in this quirky and addicting series.  Did any of you watch it?

So here I am, weak, still shaking and trying to breathe through cotton stuffed in a raw, red throat.  Watching Dead Like Me.  And hoping no one else is out there with the flu, feeling dead like me.

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  • Wow, you’ve really been through the wringer. I hope things calm down for you soon – hopefully once your meds kick in. There have been a lot of nasty things going around this winter. Fortunately all I had was a cold…knock wood…knocks on head.

    • Meds are kicking in… still dizzy from the sinus infection but I am no longer in bed shaking.. WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Mishelle

    Oh good lord… I hope you feel better soon!! I watch DVD’s like that when sick but I haven’t seen that one yet.

    God lie down and feel better!


    • I’m starting to feel human again wooo hooooo!!! Thanks for the good wishes. Amazing how antibiotics work so well!

  • I feel your pain. Hope you and the kids feel better. Absolutely loved Dead Like Me. Wish they would produce new shows. Also was that miss work or Miss Work? She’s always on the phone with Mr. Employer.

    • Miss Work! LOL! So Dead Like Me… the girl who placed George… do you know if she has been in anything else lately? I love her acting. I would love to show my mom the videos but that F-bomb… I would have to tell her about it and see if she minds. We both love Mandy Patinkin, from Princess Bride to Sunday in the Park with George… I really think she would like it. I watched Season two first b/c that is what my friend left first. Now, on to season one!

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    ‘Dead like Me’ sounds great but no, I didn’t watch it. Maybe I should!

    So sorry to hear you have the flu. No fun at all, I know. And I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be driving while hallucinating even though there is probably no official penalty for it. I think they’d just bundle it in with ‘driving under the influence’, the influence in this case being influenza.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you so much. I’ve been on antibiotics since Friday and feel better… still stuffed up but I feel like I’m actually a human now… that is a GOOD THING!

  • I loved, loved, loved Dead Like Me (couldn’t resist with your photo on top). I am so glad your mom was there to help you. It sounds like a total nightmare. There is nothing worse than being sick with kids to take care of. I hope you are feeling better now.

    • So you watched Dead Like Me when it was on? I don’t have cable so I had no idea what the dvd’s were when she left them on the front porch. After the first episode I was HOOKED. I’m not done yet – get to watch some this weekend!!

  • Woman I feel your pain. This is like the friggen plague.

  • Sorry your feeling bad. My solution to getting through the flu is cough syrup with codeine and Nyquil. You take one and then 2 hours take the other. This way you sleep through the whole ordeal!

    • You know what… I have NEVER had Nyquil before and decided I wanted it, but was too sick to get it. And then the doc gave me a script for cough syrup with codeine and guess what… too sick feeling to get it! I really messed up!

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  • Oh, poor you Katherine! I hope you feel better soon…the kids too. Thank goodness you have your mom to help you out.

    • I am SO lucky Mom is so close. She married Dad and since he was in the Navy she had to leave her family behind… going across country! Then came kids and him being gone – she didn’t have much support nearby. So I feel really blessed she is here. Of COURSE it is still mother/daughter… I would have two dogs rather than one, she fusses at, “You know you have the wrong strainer in the wrong side”… things like that. But it is worth it! And i KNOW she feels the same way on the other end! “Why do you have so may pets? Why is the house messy?” 😉

  • So sorry to hear you’ve been so sick!! 🙁 No bueno! Drink lots of tea and take airborne!! I hope you and your family are over it soon. My son stayed home from school about two weeks ago for most of the week just because of a cough, and I knew the flu was going around so I didn’t want it to turn into anything too much worse, luckily it subsided. Arrgh for the flu and being sick. I’ve never had a flu shot! I get sick, I get over it. Lol! You are not convincing me to start getting it. Take care and get better soon!

    • Thanks Angela – I feel human for the first time in a while. Still really dizzy, but at least I don’t ache from head to toe. Yup, like your son – the cough was the first sign for everyone.

      I have to get the flu shot because I work in a hospital – it is pretty much required. I don’t mind because I don’t want to potentially get any of the kids in the hospital sick. I SHOULD have the children get it but I didn’t this year. Sometimes it makes me nervous.

      Here is to the summer coming SOON!

  • Rachele

    We passed that shit around for a month and a half. Good news is I lost 12 pounds. Bad News is my daughter lost 6.5 pounds and is now not legally heavy enough for the booster seat she rides in. Hope you get better soon.

    • Oh Rachele! NOT lucky you were sick, but losing 12 pounds might be good? I actually GAINED weight b/c I could not cook or prepare food. I would just grab cereal, bread… just carbs which I rarely eat… my body ballooned out! Your poor daughter! She must have been miserable being so sick she lost weight. So it’s back to the car seat, huh? I hope you are better now – all of you!

  • Sounds like you had exactly what I had last week. I called my doctor when I looked in the mirror and saw two walnuts growing on both sides of my neck. I told him I had a sinus infection because it had the word ‘infection’ in it and I knew that meant antibiotics. I wimpered to the nurse that I could, if I really had to, come into the office so he could look at my walnuts but since I wasn’t someone who used antibiotics willy-nilly I hoped they wouldn’t make me get dressed and drive a car. Thankfully my doctor didn’t want me in his office anymore than I wanted to visit it and he called the Rx in. I cried when the nurse said he would call it in too. I hope you are feeling better.

    • Isn’t it amazing how you get SO SICK that you are overwhelmed that someone will give you an antibiotic? It is such a great feeling, thinking that you JUST MIGHT be human and not die in a week or two after medicine. It is so hard DRIVING to a doctor when you are so sick. And with sinus infections, you are dizzy too – not a good combination. My ENT knows me well and knows that if I say I have a sinus infection, I HAVE ONE. The nurses that give me allergy shots will write doctor’s notes to him and I am able to get my antibiotic usually w/o coming in. Of course I have my regular visits with him, but I am not sick then!

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