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Reconnecting to our Beautiful Sea
Published on Sunday, March 23, 2014 by

After a long, cold and snowy winter, it finally came time to open up the beach house.  My mother had walls and woodwork completely re-done while we were gone, leaving plaster dust on everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.

No worries.  Saturday was going to be 74 degrees.  Sun.  Sand.  Heat.  In March.  All I could think was “Pinch me.”

Falling back to tradition, we stopped at Currituck Barbeque on the way down.  North Carolina pork barbeque, sweet potato casserole and the best hush puppies you will ever put in your mouth.

curricuck barbeque menu

Despite our late arrival, the work began in earnest.  There was nowhere to put the food Mom brought, much less cook the next day.  After my mother cleaned out behind and inside the fridge, I began to empty, clean and refill food and dish/glassware cabinets until I was ready to drop.  I didn’t want to wake up to a kitchen I could not make breakfast in.

As promised, I woke my daughter as soon as my dog woke my sleepy self up.  At 6:30, we made our first trek to the beach after almost 4 months.

It only took a few minutes to realize we didn’t have our “beach feet” yet.  The still icy wet sand made our toes red and numb, while the shells left our feet on fire.  Yet none of that mattered, with such a glorious reconnection to our beautiful sea.

outer banks walkway

corolla sunrise

This is a live whelk that we found on the shore and put back in to the ocean.

live whelk picture

We have yet to actually see our deer on the beach, but they tease us with hints that they have been there.

deer on beach

I posted this on Facebook, and Cheryl told me these are red-breasted mergansers.  Thank you, Cheryl!  You should all click on over to see her photography.  It is stunning.

Red Breasted Merganser

We walked Moon to Turtle Pond to see how it wintered over.  The pond was full, with the wind pushing all of the water forward.  turtle pond corolla

A couple told us there was a dead dolphin up the beach.  When we came across it, we questioned whether it was a dolphin or baby whale.  After some quick research, we decided it was a harbor porpoise.  I’ve never seen a harbor porpoise in the Outer Banks.  It was so sad to come across.

porpoise tail picture

dead harbor porpoise

harbor porpoise teeth

  This is Dusty, a feral cat that is cared for by a full time local.  His ear is clipped, a telltale sign he was finally caught and fixed.  Judging by his girth, Dusty has not had a hungry winter!

wile outer banks cat

After a full day of sun, tank tops, seaglass and sunburn, we woke to a cold and blustery day.  We scrubbed.  We vacummed. We packed.  We drove.  Directly in to a winter mix of sleet, rain and snow.

Spring?  Her name was carried on the rays of the sun, only to be blown by the winds of an unending winter.  But she will be back… Of that I am certain.

high sand dunes

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