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Above My Head
Published on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by

Raise your hand above my head.

And dance, my love, the Waltz of the Dead.

skeletons dancing

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  • Paula Wooters

    Waltzing with the dead… love it!

  • Barb

    definitely over his head! 🙂 Nice Halloween decorations!

  • Creeeepy. Thanks for terrifying me right after I wake up. So much for a nap later. 🙂

  • Perfect for October, the best month ever in the history of months!

  • Oh my god, I love this!! I wish Finland did Halloween like America does. But no, I’ll be lucky to spot a pumpkin..

    • Oh noooo! No Halloween!?! That is my favorite holiday. I love walking with my kids trick or treating. I only have one trick or treater left… I’ll be sad when that ends as she grows up!

  • Oh how fun, and spooky, and creative!! Great job, Katherine!

  • Cool. And great timing with Halloween approaching.

  • Ron

    Katherine, how creative and unique!


    Excellent “above my head” photo!

    Well done! Cheers!

  • Nice! And since I’m illiterate, are you quoting something? What’s it from?

    • No, you aren’t illiterate…you are well read. Proven by the fact that those words aren’t from any great book – I made them up ha ha!

      • Well then, YOU, my dear should be a songwriter. Obviously.

  • MikeWJ

    Hah! This is a perfectly unique interpretation of today’s theme, and I love the photograph. It’s charming in a creepy, undead sort of way. Nice work, Katherine!

  • What a marvelous image! Well done, Katherine!

  • Coco

    Hahaha! Perfect timing in October and I love those skeletons, getting perfectly focused on!

  • I love this! Creepy perfection!

  • Love this, Katherine! Are those your decorations??

    • Actually I have a friend who is a “witch.” LOL… She lives down the street and her favorite holiday is Halloween. She has an entire miniature village set up on one of her tables… this is just a tiny part of it.

  • How clever of you. Looks like you are getting ready for Halloween.

  • Is that skeleton flossing the other one’s head? The picture reminds me of a Tim Burton film. Very cool!

  • ladyV

    yeah, that’s a good one!

  • Katherine, that is SPECTACULAR! And I love the hand holding the cane on the left… it’s like one skeleton tried to photobomb the others. Awesome!

    • Nicky, you WIN! That is my very favorite part of the picture… this is my friend’s setup and she has no lights in that room… I was shooting blindly at night and was thrilled at this picture with the cane. I’m so happy you noticed it!

  • That picture has a touch of creep factor.

  • Mel

    Love it, love it, love it!

    Aren’t you a clever thing.

  • Super shot! Just in time for Christmas!

    • HA HA yup, in all your favorite retail stores worldwide! 🙂

  • I love that! Such a spooktacular take on the prompt.

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