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She’s Here She’s Here She’s Here!
Published on Saturday, October 9, 2010 by

Left at a pound by someone who spoke no English.  The language barrier kept staff from knowing this poor dog’s story.  Why was she left there?  What could have happened?

Fortunately the staff realized this sweet girl was deaf.  Perhaps her first owner thought she just wouldn’t listen?  Wouldn’t be good no matter what he did?  His loss, my gain.

dalmatian adoption

Today I was given the honor of becoming the new and forever Mom of Emma!  I poured the family in the car (actually they beat me to it) and off we went to the annual Adopt A Spot picnic!  An event that contains more spots than I’ve ever seen in one place!  Which one is she… where is Emma?

I parked the car while everyone else went ahead.  As I walked towards the group my daughter called, “Mom!  THIS IS EMMA!”


Did you hear that?  It was my heart.  It flew out of my chest and fell right on top of Emma.

She’s not Fritzie.  She’s not Freckles.  She’s certainly not Dottie.  Indeed, she is Emma.  Soft, sweet, funny and completely addicted to tennis balls.  Have you ever seen a dog fit two tennis balls in her mouth?  Emma can do that.  She’s just that good.

How many times have we CALLED her and thought, Oops!?  Countless.  But that’s OK, we will figure it out together.

It will take time for her to get used to us, and for us to get used to her.  But that is the fun part.  We have many wonderful years ahead.

I don’t have my Dottie with me anymore, but she sent Emma to me – to us – and we can smile again!

dalmatian picture

rescue dalmatian


While at the picnic I met sweet young Julie, who desperately needs surgery to save her life.  Adopt A Spot must raise $5,000 for an immediate surgery to save this puppy’s life.  If you could spare anything for her I would be so grateful.  Whether it is in memory of one of your dogs or in memory of Dottie… whether it is $5 or $100.  Even a dollar will help!

Furthermore, tweeting will be just as wonderful.  Would you consider tweeting:

Please help save this sweet #dalmatian puppy’s life!  Julie needs surgery as soon as possible.  Every dollar counts!

dalmatian surgery


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  • Dear Kathy. I gotta say I admire your courage and generosity in taking in Emma. Hope you all have the best of times with her. She is sooo lovely.

    • Thanks for the very kind words!! We are loving getting to know Emma… she is a gem!

  • daisythecurlycat

    Congratulations! Emma is beautiful and I wish her a lifetime of happiness with you!

    • Thank you so much!!!! We feel so honored that the rescue trusted us with her. She is a big responsibility being deaf – I will do everything in my power to keep her safe. And as far as love, she absolutely knows she is loved by all of us already – she has settled right in! 🙂

  • I didn't tweet, but I did Stumble! Congratulations on finding Emma. She is gorgeous and that picture of her and your daughter is absolutely lovely.

  • I love the name Emma! She's beautiful! Both of my dogs know hand signals as well as verbal commands. I think it's the best way to go anyway. Emma looks bigger than your daughter! And oh, the two of you are so pretty with that gorgeous red hair!

    I'm glad you have another forever girl and she has her forever home!

    • Thank you thank you thank you! We love her so much… had her two and a half days now. She is sweet, funny and totally addicted to tennis balls…. I mean ADDICTED. She actually got two in her mouth once. I wish you were nearby to show me hand signals. I have to get some money together for one-on-one training with a man here who has trained deaf dogs before. I need to know “no”, “don't beg,” “don't kill the cat” (an important one)… ha ha! But most of all I need to be able to get her to come when I make a motion – just in case she gets away, etc. She is SO WONDERFUL… her fur is like a soft puppy! Oh, and she is actually much longer than my daughter…. but who is it that already taught her how to sit? My daughter! 🙂

  • Emma is one lucky girl. I just know it.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Emma couldn't be going to a better home. Really, your post made me super happy knowing that.

    On a weird note, I got this crazy urge for ice cream while reading about Emma and realized that Dalmations look like Oreo cookie ice cream. Yum.

    • That is hysterical! She really DOES look like it – she has “spots and sprinkles”… kind of like oreo ice cream – you have the big chunks and the crumbs.

      We are so happy with Emma… I have to get her to training for sure – how do you tell a deaf dog “no” or “come” or “I love you!” Oh wait, she knows that because she is constantly being loved on by ALL of us… so at least we have one down, several more to go!

      • You'll figure it out! Since she's young and in such great hands, I'm sure Emma the ice cream dog will adapt just fine!

  • Congratulations! Hey, how are you going to call her or get her attention?

    • How are we going to call her? ACK! GOOD QUESTION!!!! Actually her attention is usually always on SOMEONE, so that isn't a problem. The problem is “no.” She is a good wonderful dog but there are things I have to teach her. Like when someone is eating, don't get in their face trying to score some of it! We have some manners to work on, and I have no clue how! I found a local trainer that is very experienced at training deaf dogs so we are going to save up and go to him. She also responds to light and you can stomp on the floor a few times so she feels the vibrations. We are very careful not to come up to her and wake her because she gets startled… so when I come home I usually stamp the floor a few times to get her attention. 🙂

  • OMG she is beautiful! How lucky she is to have you and your family. Congratulations!

    • We feel so blessed to have Emma in our family. It is an adjustment for all… especially with her being deaf, but she is so sweet!!!

  • Awwwww! She's lovely! Congratulations!

    • THANKS! It is SO WEIRD having a DEAF dog. She has a chasing instinct and we have a cat, birds and a bunny…. all safe away from her but how do you tell a deaf dog NO! ACK!

    • She is the sweetest dog… she is young so we have training in store (I have to save up!) but we have been so sad… it is wonderful to have a pup again!

      • Im soooo happy for you!

        PS: check your email inbox.


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  • Emma is beautiful. Bless you both! I tweeted and FB'd this for donations.

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