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Curse You, Nicky and Mike!
Published on Friday, June 1, 2012 by

You wonderful people may remember the 30-day photo challenge?  Well… SOME PEOPLE (Nicky and Mike) forgot how to WRITE (Nicky and Mike) during that time and SOME PEOPLE (Nicky and Mike) have thrown out a challenge.  NICKY AND MIKE.  (Said with my angry face.)

Pictures for a month?  Hard yet fakeable when need be.  But writing?  Every-Single-Day?!  CURSE YOU, NICKY AND MIKE.

(OK secretly I love them both and am completely up for the challenge.  So HERE WE GO… ONE POST A DAY FOR A MONTH!)

The first topic?  CHEESE.  DUHHHH!

I love sweets.  Chocolate.  Icecream.  Peachy raspberry cakey creamy desserts.  Hollah!  But during the week I am the epitome of eating right.  No junk.  No sweets.  All healthy stuff.

When the weekend comes, so do my well spaced out treats.  But I tell you what.  If given the option of something sweet or a piece of Gruyere cheese from Costo sided with pita chips, I will go for the cheese every-single-time.

costco gruyere

There is something oh so wonderful about a good piece of nutty, dry, salty cheese paired with pita chips and an adult beverage.  On most days, I will take a big hunk of Gruyere over an ice-cream Sunday when it’s time for a sneaky treat.

So I have two questions.

  1. What is your downfall when you are allowing yourself a treat?
  2. Do you like cheese, and if so, what is your favorite kind?

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