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Shoot Me NowFacing My … My… My… FEAR!!!

Facing My … My… My… FEAR!!!
Published on Monday, November 15, 2010 by

I’m a rollercoaster girl, through and through.  Nothing is better than the thrill of being strapped in and climbing slowly… click, click, click, higher, click, click, click up, up, higher, higher….  I LOVE IT.

But did you notice the two key words, “Strapped in?”  I like heights STRAPPED IN.  If I’m climbing freestyle my heart begins to pound.  My breath begins to shorten.  My knees begin to knock.

In fourth grade I faced this fear climbing St. Peter’s all the way to the top.  But I had my Dad’s hand to hold on to, so I in a special way I was strapped in tight.

After college I was given the opportunity to climb to the top of a container crane at Portsmouth International Terminals.  See that ship?  Imagine how tall it is.  Now look at the crane.  It was exhilarating, frightening and unforgettable.

Portsmouth International Terminals

This weekend I did it again.  Not as tall as a container crane but high nonetheless.  My daughter and I decided to climb the Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Corolla, NC.  The stairs aren’t just stairs, they are grates.  That you can look through.  Can you hear my knees a knockin’!?

I would like a few extra points for the nor’easter that was going on as I climbed.  They let people up there with this wind?!!  The minute I stepped out I was pushed back by a huge gust.  I shimmied to the other side before I could even consider taking a picture.  My daughter?  No sweat.  What’s the big deal, Mom?top of lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse

I took my life into my own hands by attempting some video during the climb.  My favorite part?  When my daughter says she will meet me at the top and you hear me saying, “PANT! PANT! NO.. PANT! WAIT FOR.. PANT ME!”  That was not so much a result of the climb (WHICH was done in Sketcher’s Shape-Ups, I might add) but of my beating heart and panicked breath!  PANT PANT!

Have you ever faced a fear?  What are you afraid of?

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  • No way would I have done that. I'm terrified of heights. No way. You are a brave soul as is your daughter.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Holy Crap!! I am terrified of certain heights – it's odd tho, I love to fly and look out the window BUT put me in the CN Tower and I will not leave the elevator.. seriously. Something about it makes me terrified.. I could not have climbed that tower nor taken that pic. Congrats on you!!

    The rest of my fears I have faced gradually – except watching the rest of the remake of Dawn Of The Dead that stupid zombie girl freaks me out for months every time!!!


    • Oh wow I haven't seen Dawn of the Dead… now I know not too! I love flying as well – the view is so amazing… but like you… I wouldn't get out of the elevator of the CN tower either! I think the only thing that made me brave enough to climb the lighthouse was my daughter pretty much forcing me to! 🙂

  • Ooh, I love climbing lighthouses. We climbed Hatteras before they moved it, and ones in Florida and New York. Pretty much anywhere we have the opportunity. The view was fantastic from Hatteras! It is the tallest one in the country.

    • This was the only lighthouse I've ever climbed… now I am intrigued… I would love to see what others are like. Do you take pictures from the top, or just enjoy the view?

  • Oh hell no! I am way too terrified of heights. I get an immediate case of vertigo as soon as I am three feet off the ground.

    You are one BRAVE woman!

  • I'm actually not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling! Seriously, I'm a klutz and fall up stairs, down stairs…I've even fallen down while standing still!! (I was completely sober at the time, to boot!)

    • Nicky, that is a different twist on the fear of heights… not on the heights but on falling. Boy do I do that well… my best was when I was at my FIRST high school reunion… ten years… you know, when you want to look GOOD and say, “SEEEE?!” Well I was eight months pregnant, bloated and NOT gorgeous. But I had an excuse, right? So what do I do in front of EVERYONE? FALL DOWN FLAT ON MY FACE. Everyone completely freaked out… how embarrassing! I was sober, btw lol!

  • I am afraid of snakes and will do anything I can do avoid facing them. I once threatened to move because there was a snake in my yard.

    • Oh wow, that IS a fear of snakes! My mom has a fear of what we call dungeon dragons… those crickets with the long legs that are like spiders and jump AT you rather than way from you… if my mom sees one more of those I think she would join you and sell her house!

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