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Last Night I Called 911
Published on Saturday, August 21, 2010 by

Currituck emergency services

The drive last night to Corolla was a long one.  My tire light came on, dinner took 45 minutes and I had to stop and get gas.  But at 10:00 we were finally pulling in to the driveway of the beach house.

With our usual excitement, we opened the doors and took in the distinct smell of the salty ocean air. My 17 year old carried the cooler upstairs while I opened the back of the car.  Within two minutes of our arrival, my daughter and her friend raced to me yelling, “David broke his ankle!  Come quick!”

I looked around the car and saw my son on the ground.  That kid is tough.  Silent with a bit of sarcastic laughter.  I could tell it was bad.

Think back to your childhood.  Remember grabbing the rails of the stairway and flipping your body up and over about 6 sets of stairs?  David has always done this successfully.  Until last night.  When he failed.

I couldn’t get him up and he certainly couldn’t walk.  There is always that moment before you call 911 when you say to yourself, “Do I really need to do that?  Is it necessary?”  I deemed it necessary because it was either that or make the poor kid sleep in the sand writhing in pain.  I would call that a no brainer.

Fifteen minutes later the amazing Currituck Rescue Squad arrives, including a man that could have been a rival for Hulk Hogan.  My GREAT thanks to this amazing EMS team.  THANK YOU!

I have to tell on myself here.  He began to ask David questions and for the first three I answered for my son.  I know I know, but my kid was hurt and I had to call 911 for heaven’s sake!  I finally “got it” and let David answer so they could keep his mind off the pain and gage his physical and mental state.  Nobody’s perfect!

They splinted his foot and helped me get him in the back seat, elevating his leg on a lowered seat in front.  Just down by Mile Post 14, they said.  The emergency room.  Do you know where it is?

I had already been driving for two hours.  I had been up since 5 a.m. and had worked a full day.  But off we went.  Every turn, every bump I heard quiet mumbles through gritted teeth.  David did that too!  But we finally arrived near midnight.  I got him a wheelchair and the process began.

out of socket ankle

One hundred and fifty dollars later, we pulled in once again to the beach house driveway.  Only this time we unpacked with an air splint, crutches and Percocet.  And a whole lot of swollen foot.

My son had dislocated his ankle, tearing a ligament to top it all off.   The ER staff explained this is often more painful than a broken bone in the ankle.  On Monday, the poor kid will be hobbling along the corridors with his crutches on his first day of school.  And this weekend?  He didn’t even get to try out his new birthday flippers for body boarding.  Dang.

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  • Poor David. That must be painful! Hugs and kisses from all of us…

  • I broke my hand on day 1 of my last vacation…nothing ends the excitement of vacationing faster than a broken bone. My damn hand cost more than the vacation too :(.

    • Oh no WAY! You have to share!!! How did you break it!!!! Is it a super awesome story, or is it one of those things where you mumble, “Umm… I closed the car door on it.” On the first day no less. UGH! I told my son he should say, “I was racing down the beach to rescue a drowning tourist when a shark suddenly swam towards me. You don't see bite marks because the giant squid got to me before the shark did.” My son just rolled his eyes at me.

  • Poor David. I'm so sorry you guys went through this! What a day for you, my dear! And I hope your baby heals fast! Crutches are so damned hard to master!

    • He has actually done pretty well. And the poor guy… the other kids keep taking his crutches because they are “just so fun.” He will sit down and immediately one of my other children picks them up to play with. 🙂

  • Oh no! Poor thing. He handled it like a real trooper though. And, Mom, you handled it well too 🙂 Get well soon David!

    • You said just the right thing… because I was cool as a cucumber through the whole thing, as I am with big accidents with all the kids. I stay calm, I do what I have to do and make sure they are getting the help I need. Once they are under the care of a professional, I start to feel faint. LOL! And I did! But I passed it off. “Oh, I will go get a coke for the ride home, honey.” The doc had no idea… but I was as pale as a ghost!

  • OHMYGAWD!!! That sounds so painful!! Speedy wishes to get well soon!!


    • Thanks for the well wishes! He hasn't needed ibuprofen today – a GREAT thing. Getting around school with crutches has been hard but he is going to be BUFF after all of this. And without paying for a gym!

  • First, auuugghhh! Ow, so sorry to hear about this.

    Second, isn't this weird? When I read this story my right ankle felt your son's phantom pain. I suppose because I'm right handed. My left ankle feels fine.

  • Very Bad day for David. It seems very uneasy for daily schedule.

  • Hi, I hope you were able to enjoy some of your weekend, and your son gets to feeling better soon. I expect it will take some time to heal.

    • I have a friend who broke her foot and it took her a year to feel considerably less pain. Of course David dislocated his and tore ligaments… it isn't broken, so I am anxious to see how long his pain lasts. I hope not long – wrestling season starts in the winter – he would hate to miss that!

  • I can't believe you got all that done for only $150. So sorry about David. On the other hand he'll get a lot of sympathy from all the girls.

    • Well, technically I have almost 200 taken out of my paycheck every two weeks for insurance for the family… more if you count dental… so I have ultimately paid for it… Watching my son push himself in a wheelchair for the first time was worth it all though… he insisted he do it himself – it was pretty funny!

  • Yikes. I'll bet he won't come down the stairs like that anymore. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • Thanks for the real laugh out loud at all this… yup… I tend to think he won't do THAT anymore. He even said while he was writhing on the ground… “But I ALWAYS land that jump…” Yup buddy, not THIS time.

  • Ali

    *I* had to call 911 once and had THE EXACT SAME THOUGHT about “do i really need to do that?”! so sorry you REALLY did. here's to a healthy school year and a quick mend!

    • Why are we women almost apologetic about asking for help…. think of all the crazy 911 calls they probably get… and here we are with REAL problems and we have to “think about it.” 🙂 What did you have to call for? Or is it too personal…

      • Ali

        not too personal – my son was turning blue because he had such a severe case of croup that he wasn't able to breathe. he was holding his throat, gasping, “i can't breathe.” i said to my husband, “his lips are blue. don't you think we need to call 911?” he looked at me like i had sprouted a new head and said, “CALL THEM!”

        indeed, we're so “polite” and don't want to inconvenience anyone – even in an emergency. i hope we're raising our kids to stand up for themselves a little better than we do!

  • Oh no! Poor David. I hope his ankle heals quickly!

    • It was so weird… today at work we were talking about his ankle and one of the guys asked what the bruise looked like. I said, “There isn't any bruising, believe it or not…” A couple of the guys said, “Oh, just wait…” Sure enough, I got home and he is a bizarre bruise now… it is a perfectly straight line running along the entire length of his foot, ending in a large blackening circle on the side of his ankle. That was so weird that we were talking about it just this morning!

      • Ugh! Poor thing! But, I think once it starts bruising that means its

  • Aww. Poor David. At least he got lame at the end of the summer rather than the beginning. I hope the percocet helped.

  • Cassy

    What a horrible way to spend the last weekend of summer vacation. Well, at least he didn't miss all of the good summer fun at the beach house.

    • You are right – he got a whole summer. Well… a summer full of freezing water and jellyfish… but at least he was able to WALK to the water and jellyfish! 🙂 Today he stood for the first time without crutches. He has a long way to go, but I think he will live. 🙂

  • Oh no! Poor kid, what a way to end summer. Hope he is not in too much pain!

    • I hadn't thought about it, but yes, what a way to end the summer! DANG! Better now than earlier. However some of our best swimming is in September. Maybe… just MAYBE he might get one test of the flippers.. 🙂

  • Oh no!!!! What a weekend, and starting back to school with crutches is never fun. Poor David. Lots of healing thoughts for a speedy recovery whizzing through cyberspace and straight to him!

    • Thank you for your healing thoughts – today he stood for the first time without crutches. He still has a giant swollen foot and the bruising is starting to show – but today was the first time I saw a moment of “wow, he will get better one day!”

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