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Creeped Out
Published on Monday, November 5, 2012 by

NaBloPoMo Day Five finds me creeped out.  Over a BUS?!

Yup.  A bus.  Oh, and no, I’m not five.

This weekend I found myself behind a bus that actually sent shivers down my spine.  It looked just like any other bus.  Except for one teeny tiny thing.

It had a creepy War of the Worlds kind of object on the top of it.  Furthermore, it made a NOISE.  A weird War of the Worlds NOISE.

Mind you, neither of the War of the Worlds movies bothered me.  Yes, the sound of the aliens in the second movie was a little disturbing.  As was the ground covered in recently harvested blood.  However, neither of these matched the horror I felt watching Tom Cruise in another movie.

There I am at a stop light feeling the heebie jeebies, and what do I do?  I did what every other good blogger would do.  I took a picture!

scary HRT bus

HRT bus

Have you ever seen something completely innocuous that sent shivers down your spine?  Or have I finally gone off the deep end?  (Maybe you shouldn’t answer that!)

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