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Creeped Out
Published on Monday, November 5, 2012 by

NaBloPoMo Day Five finds me creeped out.  Over a BUS?!

Yup.  A bus.  Oh, and no, I’m not five.

This weekend I found myself behind a bus that actually sent shivers down my spine.  It looked just like any other bus.  Except for one teeny tiny thing.

It had a creepy War of the Worlds kind of object on the top of it.  Furthermore, it made a NOISE.  A weird War of the Worlds NOISE.

Mind you, neither of the War of the Worlds movies bothered me.  Yes, the sound of the aliens in the second movie was a little disturbing.  As was the ground covered in recently harvested blood.  However, neither of these matched the horror I felt watching Tom Cruise in another movie.

There I am at a stop light feeling the heebie jeebies, and what do I do?  I did what every other good blogger would do.  I took a picture!

scary HRT bus

HRT bus

Have you ever seen something completely innocuous that sent shivers down your spine?  Or have I finally gone off the deep end?  (Maybe you shouldn’t answer that!)

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  • Barb

    I had a real problem with that movie with Will Smith “I am Legend”. I couldn’t go outside at night for weeks… If I enjoy a movie and it comes on tv at a later date I will usually watch it… not that one- the movie so scared me that there is no way I can watch it again!

    • BARB! OH MY GOSH!!!! I AM LEGEND! Do you know when I go out to take the dog on a potty break at night at the beach house, I think of I am Legend? NO LIE. To this day I get creeped out. The part that was the absolute SCARIEST for me? When he had the dog in the bathtub… that was the most frightening part in my eyes!

  • Ron

    Faaaaaaaaaabulous photo capture, Katherine!

    Creepy indeed!

    It look just like ET!!!!!!

    Have a Marvi Monday, my friend!


  • Mel

    Ummmmm……I don’t DO ooky spooky and I adore Halloween. But we do CUTE ooky spooky.
    The bus isn’t cute.
    WotW was NOT cute.
    OMGosh…. Now I’ll be looking over my shoulder all night long…….

    • My daughter would NEVER go to a house that looked SCARY. You never know when someone will pop out… I hate that myself! I get CUTE ooky spooky! VERY much!

  • That is totally freaky!! OMG. I’d have been too scared to take the picture.

    Cheers, Jenn

  • If I were to hazard a guess, I’d bet on these being cameras. That creeps me out more than anything in a Sci-Fi movie – mostly because I’ve actually never seen one {gasp}.

  • The hell?

  • Mikewj

    Nothing creeps me out. Just makes me alert. That thing looks alien and is probably a camera planted here by the alien survivors of the War of the Worlds so they can learn enough about us to come back and kill us. I’ll be ready when they get here.

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