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Shoot Me NowCrazy Blogger Lady Captures Fish on Tape

Crazy Blogger Lady Captures Fish on Tape
Published on Saturday, January 15, 2011 by

animated fish

From My Point of View:

“Look kids, there is something moving on the back of that van!  What in the world is it?  There is a light on it too.  Wait, there is a stoplight coming up – grab my camera so I can take a video.  Maybe I can blog about it!”

From Their Point of View:

“Honey, what is that bright light behind us?  Why is that lady hanging out of her window?  She is taking a video of our Fish Hitch, isn’t she?  But our license plate is right next to it!  What is she going to do with the video?  Is that one of those blogger ladies?  Oh Lord, quick Sally, turn off the fish!”


No more fish.  But yes, I am one of those blogger ladies and I took a video of your moving fish.  And now it’s on Youtube.  But don’t worry, I was careful not to get your license plate in the video.  Sorry to scare you.  By the way, I like your fish!

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  • An animated fish on the hitch…. Ok, I can easily say I have never seen that before…

    Kinda funny!


  • Now, Kathleen! Have you submitted this video for an award yet? I suggest you do so and get your gown ready for the Academy Awards. We need to find sponsors for the jewelery you’ll be wearing. I love it. (Very short, but oh so sweet!)

  • Too Funny!

  • Silly blogger lady! How do you know they’re not bloggers who put the fish there so they can video all the other bloggers video-ing them?! If I were you, I would check YouTube and see if you don’t come across a video of yourself hanging out your car window!! 🙂

    • You are AMAZINGLY CLEVER. You know, that makes me think… how many of us ARE on Youtube and have no idea! LIke that lady who was texting recently and fell in the fountain in the mall – does SHE know she made it to youtube? Well, that is kind of a big one, so probably. But yup, I bet there is video of me falling, dropping things and picking my nose somewhere… and certainly one of me hanging out my window taking a video!

  • Ahahahhahahahahah! I am one of those crazy blogger ladies too!

  • Linda

    Crazy! Love the music…perfect combo!

  • omg…..
    What is it?

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