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Crack for Foxes
Published on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by

“Mom!  Foxes!  Two of them!”

Knowing how skittish they are, I assumed a picture would… well… not be in the picture.  Still, I raced for the camera bag, unzipped it as I tiptoed to the deck and crossed my fingers as I waited for it to turn on.

In that short bit of time, both of the foxes heard us, looked up and were ready to bolt.  But not before one of them lowered its body to rub his head on the sand.

And WHY was he rubbing his head on the sand?  PERHAPS I had chucked a few pieces of newly molding cheese behind the house just to “see” what might eat them.  Birds pecked at the blocks during the day, soon to be replaced by critters of the furry kind.

Apparently, cheese is crack to foxes.  So much so that even when the cheese is gone, one MUST rub one’s head in the empty spot it once filled!

With both the fox and I moving consecutively, the shot is blurry at best.  But it makes me smile every time I look at it.

gray fox in Outer Banks

“Oh gawd!  Cheese used to be here.  CHEEEEEEESE.  I must rub my head all over the sand in which it sat!  CHEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

What food would make YOU rub YOUR head in the sand, if only to catch its lasting scent?  Me?  Well… would coffee and vodka be considered foods?  If not, I would have to say a good strong cheese, fried softshell crab, oysters or anything with marzipan.  You?

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