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Karma in Corolla
Published on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by

Earlier today I spent an hour typing up a story about Corolla red flags, vacationers who leave their brains at home and about Karma and her friendship with the beautiful ocean. But instead of posting it, I chose to simply blurt my story out.

Keep it simple stupid, am I right?

obx red flags

Last weekend a father took his two kids in to an amazingly dangerous ocean despite the red flags. I believe the children were about ten and eight. One of Corolla Rescue’s finest told the father and kids to get out of the water. She spent time explaining rip currents and the rules attached to red flags.

obx lifeguards

When she drove away, he motioned for his kids to come back in the water with him.

The lifeguard returned, saw he completely ignored her warnings and proceeded to call the sheriff.

The sheriff wrote up some tickets. To the tune of $500 per person.

Putting your own life at stake? Whatever. But risking the lives of two small children and a lifeguard who in her own right is someone’s daughter?

That would be $1,500 please.


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