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Shoot Me NowMirror – Day Seven of the Ever Amazing Photo Challenge

Mirror – Day Seven of the Ever Amazing Photo Challenge
Published on Saturday, April 7, 2012 by


Corolla, North Carolina

Do you think the moon gazes in to the ocean, pondering its splendor in nature’s briny mirror?


Corolla OBX

mom blog

  • To be honest, I’ve never really thought about that question until now? 🙂

  • The two are so connected, I would imagine it does. Nice take on this theme, Katherine. Very creative perspective. But now what are you gonna do for the “Moon” theme? 🙂

  • Dogearedcopy

    Wow, the moon appears so brilliant and, the sky so incredibly dark! I was taken a couple of shots of the moon last night and couldn’t get that inky blackness that you got waterside  – it must be the lack of cloud cover and contrasting foreground elements (like trees)… Very interesting (in a good way!) 🙂

  • Totally-super-coolness, Katherine! 

  • Yes I do.

    Have a terrific day and a very happy Easter.   🙂

  • Cool way to interpret the theme! The moon loves to gaze into the ocean and then make it rise and fall with its moods.

  • I did and do think that, and you’ve captured my thoughts extremely well. Great shot.

  • Yes. Yes, I do. Sweet capture. And I hate that you live where I want to live and probably never will. Hmph!

  • Beautiful photo, Katherine. Truly beautiful. 🙂 

  • Nice take. Very tranquil. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I love the moon — I’m might be a little obsesed with it, actually — and therefore I automatically love this photograph. The poetic description only adds to its beauty.

  • Really beautiful photo, and writing too!

  • Wow!  Beautiful shot and a very creative take on the theme.  Love it.


  • Mel

    Oh, now how pretty is THAT?!  🙂

  • The moon over the water is always a sight to behold.  Saw the full moon rise over John’s Pass in FL last fall.  The golden reflection was gorgeous.

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