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Corolla after Joaquin
Published on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 by

This weekend I took some photos of the flooding in our Corolla Ocean Sands neighborhood.  These pictures were taken a week after all the rain preceding Hurricane Joaquin.

As I was walking I noticed broken pieces of wood at the edge of the dunes.  Then I realized they were from the sand fence I had taken pictures of just weeks before.

sand dune fences after hurricane

Water from what we call “Turtle Pond” was being pumped out of Ocean Sands and in to the ocean.

pumping water after storm

Turtle pond spilled out to the tennis courts and gazebo.

corolla flooding

Some tourists don’t understand why we beg them to stay off the dunes.  Owners spent over $70,000 to have the dunes replenished a few years ago.  The dunes protect the houses during storms.  When tourists climb the dunes for photos, they are tearing up what we have struggled to build up.  This is what the dunes looked like after all the storms.  They are sliced down the front.  I wish people realized that taking pictures on top of the dunes with the “keep off the dunes” sign causes real damage when storms like this hit.

dunes after joaquin

This home remained flooded a week after all the rain!

ocean sands flooding

This is the area that was being pumped out.

obx flooding

Take a seat!

bench under water

As you can see, there were some who were VERY happy the wind had settled down!




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  • Yikes, that was some storm. I live in a desert, but every now and then we have huge rains and heavy runoffs from the mountains. The late 90s there was widespread flooding. It wasn’t pretty.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • I saw all the video from South Carolina with this storm and was HORRIFIED… flooding is so amazingly frightening!

  • It always saddens me to see erosion and destruction of our beautiful beaches. We are in the central part of the state and still saw a lot of rain. Hope all is back to normal soon.

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