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Published on Thursday, August 27, 2015 by

Have you ever gotten a fortune cookie that is so dead on it SCARES you? Look at the fortune cookie we got earlier this week.

real fortune cookie

Now look a little closer. I’ll turn the photo upside down to help.

poo fortune cookie

Do you see it yet?

funny cookie

The day after I took this photo I woke up to a horrible smell in my bedroom. I stumbled out of bed, only to slip on…. Poo.

The universe was warning me of my dog’s impending accident.


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  • Oh my it came true. It wasn’t good it was poo just as the fortune cookie said. Beahahahahahahahaha. I’ve done this same thing. Stepping in poo that is.

    Have a pooless day. ☺

    • Ahh and then there was the time my dog ate special jewelry my father had given me… and I hate to wait for it to come out… !

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