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Published on Friday, August 29, 2014 by

The theme for this month’s photo challenge is “Colorful” and was my favorite subject to date.  Color is everywhere!  The most difficult part of this challenge for me was whittling it down to only five photos.

1.  This month my oldest turned 21.  TWENTY ONE!  <insert Mom Tears here>

colored candles

2.  For the last two weeks, my mother and I have been indulging in six oysters each with a Saturday dinner.  Last weekend as I opened the oysters I discovered an unexpected surprise.  One crab per oyster.  LIVE crabs.  Live, reddish TICK-LIKE crabs.  I asked everyone if they dared me to eat one.  Each answer can be briefly described as, “Meh.”  With no one egging me on, the challenge became boring so I didn’t eat one.  Looking at this picture carefully, I am thinking this was probably a good thing.oyster crabs

3.  Red flags are a disappointment, yet amazingly beautiful against a crisp blue sky.

rip current flags

 4.  Sea glass!  Always different.  Always a treasure.  Always colorful.

obx sea glass

5.  I love this photo more than almost any I have ever taken.  A beautiful Corolla sunset taken by leaning over the railing after enjoying a wonderful dinner on our deck.

Corolla sunset

I will have limited internet this weekend, so it will take me a few days to visit everyone’s gorgeous colorful photo posts.  I can’t wait to see what you have all put together!

mom blog

  • What a lovely set of colourful photos. I loved the candles on the cake and then winced at the tiny, live crabs. Not at the crabs, but the thought of you actually eating one! I knew you would include some glass and what a beautiful sunset!

  • GeoKs

    My oldest left for first year university this week, so I really relate to the aside. And I had to look twice…make that three times…at the candle photo. The flames colour coordinate with the wax?!! I didn’t know “they” made such a thing.

    That sunset photo is fantastic – no wonder it’s one of your all-time favourites.

  • Mine is 44 years old. You’ve a ways to go.

    Love all the color in this post. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  • Ron

    AWESOME selection of colorful photos, Katherine! I especially love the one of the candles on the cake and how you captured the flames!

    ” I asked everyone if they dared me to eat one. Each answer can be briefly described as, “Meh.” With no one egging me on, the challenge became boring so I didn’t eat one. Looking at this picture carefully, I am thinking this was probably a good thing.”

    Yes, definitely a good thing. OMG…the thought of it made me cringe.

    Okay, and the one of the sunset?


    Truly my friend, it’s a STUNNING photograph of which you should love.

    Have a super holiday weekend!


  • christine

    That sunset photo is stunning!!!! I have never in my life seen a sun look like that.
    Know what else I’ve never seen? Sea glass. Partly because I live in Indiana, far away from the sea, but I’ve been to many beaches. I even lived in Bermuda for 7 months. Never have I seen any. What am I doing wrong?
    Oysters make me gag. Oysters with crabs is even worse. The thought of you actually eating it? Unimaginable. Curious, though. Why didn’t anyone egg you on? Do you frequently do crazy gross things like this??

    • Ha ha ha!!!! If my oldest had been home, I would have had to chug a crab because he would have eaten FOUR of them and LIKED them. That kid eats anything. My mother and daughter thought they were so gross that there was not point to even dare me. I guess they were looking out for me – a good thing. I HAVE tried a fried cricket before, and I’ve cooked chicken feet. But a live bug? NO WAY.

      Now sea glass… THAT is my passion. I am actually VERY surprised you didn’t see any in Bermuda!!!! Sea glass is just broken glass that has been worn down by the ocean. But in today’s “plastic” world it is harder and harder to find – maybe that was the reason you didn’t see any. I would LOVE to hear about your time in Bermuda!

  • I’m still creeped out about those oyster crabs. ewwwww

  • Mike Davis

    I’ve never seen crabs in an oyster, weird! Lovely colors. Thanks for sharing.

  • Happy Birthday to your oldest. Amazing photo of the sunset. Wow…absolutely breathtaking.

  • Great photos. I love the candles in the cake. And those crabs in the oysters? Blech!

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love the birthday candles! Great perspective on the shot. And the colors in that sunset are lovely!

  • You had some great images this month. The sunset is awesome. I love sea glass, too. And I truly do love the flames on the candles. Well done with this!

  • That certainly was colorful, and I’m really glad you didn’t eat that gross crab-in-the-oyster thing. That was an amazing sunset to cap off the photo challenge.

    • I remember WAYYYY back when there weren’t any houses around us and we could see entire sunsets. It was wonderful!

  • Beautiful and colourful pictures! Happy 21st.

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