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Coffee In, Coffee Out!
Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by

Ahhhh, 7-11 Dark Mountain Roast.  Only a buck ten for a refill.

As much as I love 7-11 coffee…. As much as I REQUIRE a 7-11 coffee immediately after lunch, I will NOT drink one from their paper cups.  So refill is the way – my ONLY way.  And hey, I can say I’m going green this way, right?

As far as the refill cups – I have my favorite.  See if you can pick it out:

coffee refills

If you guess the one that looks like it’s been through a war, you are correct and get a star for the day.  But looking at this picture (count the cups, one, two three, four… and this is just at my desk), I realize I just might have a problem, no?  But I digress.

Today I saw a new coffee mug style at my favorite 7-11.  FANCY.  SHINY.  PRETTY COLORS.  AAHHHHHHHH.  But wait, what is that writing?  CICO.  Is that a corporate name?  Oh wait, there is more underneath.  “Coffee In.  Coffee Out.”

coffee in coffee out

Crickets chirping.

WHAT did that say?  “Coffee In, Coffee Out.”

And they are referring to what?

Now say in a sing-song voice, “Ohhhhhh, I get it!”  Coffee IN the mug, coffee OUT of the mug.  But I’ve had three children, and to me the words mean something entirely different.

Needless to say, I did not purchase the cup.  I don’t need the reminder of my age and bladder size.  Or lack thereof.

Now if you excuse me, there is something I have to take care of….

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